Best Beard Oil In All The Lands!

Looking for optimal beard growth? Our beard oil promotes beard health, beard strength, moisturizing properties, and stuffed full of vitamins. Oh yeah, and you will smell like your next great adventure! Trust me, I'm a Wizard.

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Supernatural Beard Butter!

Simply magic, our beard butter is the ultimate beard conditioning agent. Crafted from five different premium butters, our blend will aid in preventing beard hair breakage, provide optimal beard growth conditions, and making your beard softer than the Princesses underskirt!

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Beard Conditioner Magic!

Wizardly made free of harsh sulfates and parabens, collagen boosting anti-oxidants, and rich in vitamin B to promote epic beard growth. Complete with five carrier oils for beard softness, strength, and conditioning only the wizard’s magic can provide! So soft you’ll think it’s beard sorcery! 

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Best Beard Care Products

"The road has been long. As the sound of night insects sing to you as the moon peeks from behind Boron's mountains and mighty trees, you find yourself approaching the ruddy and welcome glow of a fire. A man within voluminous violet robes rests against a fallen tree, his features in shadow but for his shimmering red beard. 

"Welcome, Hero. Take a rest from the road with me? Tell me a tale, and I will share with you my own."

You find yourself sitting next to the fire with a grateful groan, and your nose picks up a delectable scent. You take a second glance at the elder gent's magnificent whiskers that seem to glisten as if suffused with magic all its own. You instantly feel a bit envious, as beard care has not been on your mind in your adventures lately. The wizard leans in with a cheeky grin. 

"A little something I whipped up," He winks. "Would you care to see and know more?" 

Welcome, Hero, to the story of Fable Beard Co. Where magic and beard care, quests, and stories go hand in hand with the best beard products on the market today, with dreams and passion, dedication, and enchantment from a mysterious Princess and Wizard create beard growth products as you've never tried before. 

Delve into magical musks and mystical ambers, find rich mulled spices paired with creamy vanilla or seek out rich, smoky tobacco with notes of whiskey for your beard care—and more! At Fabled Beard Co., we've sprinkled the spells of the highest-quality, all-natural components such as cold-pressed oils free of phthalates DHT-inhibitors to create a long-lasting line of the best beard care and beard growth products found online today. 

Our skin-safe beard products meet all IFRA standards and standards of heroes and warriors from Boron. Additionally, Fable's beard care line comes with our risk-free guarantee. If for any reason, the fragrance does not work for you, we'll exchange it for another, no questions asked! So what say you? Shall we go on a beard care adventure together?"

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