Captain Crimson - Coconut & Salted Vanilla Beard Butter

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Product description

Often one finds themselves changing in the midst of adventure. Through trials and tribulation, you emerge morphed into something you never expected. Stronger, victorious, and immersed in glory!  The sea has changed this man and Captain Crimson sails into the storm. I am no longer Red. I am Crimson!

Captain Crimson is our treasure and glory scented pirate blend. Featuring a scent profile of Creamy Coconut, Warm Amber, Textured Musk, Sea Salt, and Fresh Vanilla

Want to follow Captain Red's/Crimson's stories? Click HERE

Our beard butter is set apart from any other as it's exactly what it sounds like, a true beard butter! 5 Different beard butters all with their own unique benefits to your beard and skin health.

  • Cocoa Butter - Deeply moisturizes, Strengthens, Helps prevent hair damage
  • Shea Butter - High in Vitamin A and E, Helps Prevents Breakage
  • Mango Butter - High in conditioning fatty acids, Adds natural shine
  • Kokum Butter - Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Hair Softener
  • Illipe Nut Butter - Improve Hair Elasticity, Moisture Retention, and Improves Shelf Life
  • Bees Wax - Seals in moisture and protects the product from heat

Our beard butter can be used at night for overnight conditioning and during the day for a light hold beard conditioning product.

*Please note that our butters are made of natural ingredients that may arrive slightly grainy due to temperature changes in shipping. Slight Variations in texture are normal for this all-natural product. Simply follow the directions in this video to fix it.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Captain Crimson - Coconut & Salted Vanilla Beard Butter

    Love it

    Truly a refreshing and enjoyable scent.

    *insert clever booty pun here*

    Great stuff. It's definitely one of my wife's favorites

    Back on the beach!

    Growing up on the coast, this scent put me right back into my comfort zone.



    Arr, this be the smell for me!

    What a great smell, sweet, a little salty, with hints of coconut. It's incredible. Makes you feel like grabbing for buddies and setting out to find buried treasure and if you don't find it, that's OK cause the journey is part of the adventure. Makes my beard feel smooth, not greasy. The scent last for hours. "It be the smell for this ol swashbuckler"

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