The Barkeep - A Unscented Blend Beard Oil & Beard Balm Kit

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The Barkeep is Fable Beard Co's unscented beard oil and beard balm. A super hydration blend of oils will leave your beard smooth and soft without any of the overwhelming scents for people who have skin allergies or are sensitive to smells. Use our 5 blend of carrier oils together with beard balm to greatly increase the strength and softness of your beard. Perfect for use as a night time blend before bed.

"Travelers come and go but, they all leave me with some amazing stories!" - The Barkeep

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Signature Blend

  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Bees Wax

Apply Beard Oil 1-3 times daily as a beard softener and leave-in conditioner.

Apply Beard Balm 1-2 times daily as a leave-in beard conditioner and beard shaper. Perfect in the morning and before bed.

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Customer Reviews

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Charles C. (Clermont, US)
Great oil blends

The Barkeep is perfect for everyday wear or for those who already have a signature fragrance and want a very good oil blend for their beard but don't want anything to clash with their favorite cologne.

Charlie McDowell (St Louis, US)
Unscented beard oil and balm

This stuff does what it says on the tin. I love Fable beard scents but even good smells can get tiring,distracting, or they can clash with food you're about to eat. Out and about doing some errands, or heading to the bar? i'll put some nice smelling Dr. Wolf or Engineer Spicy citrus in. But since i work with food having the unscented option is great. Also a go to for camping so I don't attract animals to me with tasty scents. Now that my beard has gained some length, oil alone doesn't keep it moisturized for the whole day, and that's where the balm comes in. It takes some punishment from being constrained in a beard net and exposed to the heat of ovens. I found the balm to tame stray hairs, but also keep the softness and moisture in my beard. I alaso found that when my beard was balmed and my mustache given a light hold wax, it was far easier to correct my beard to look presentable after work with a simple pocket comb. When I put rings in my beard it's good to know it'll stay hydrated all day without touching up with a bit of oil here and there or having to take rings out to work more oil through. In the attached pictures, you can see what my beard looks like with oil and no balm (shades) and then with oil and balm (no shades).

Matthew Anderson (Surprise, US)
Great combo!

This is a great balm and oil to have around and it is great if there are days you want to wear cologne and don’t want it to clash with what you have in your beard! Goes on great and feels great in your beard! Great addition to add to the arsenal of my Fable Beard Co. products! Thanks again Fable Beard Co.!

Randy Guest (Peterborough, CA)
The Barkeep

The barkeep is same high quality as the rest of the fable line up just with no scent. Some times you just dont want to have a constant scent on your face. I also like to mix it with other products to use up leftover oils and balms that I dont have a match for. The stash wax is also a must have if your letting it grow.

Johl Beltram (Chico, US)
Barkeep combo!!

I loved the mustache wax so much I had to get the rest of the set and let me tell, you I am so happy I did. I picked it up at just the right time. Fable was giving out a free bottle of the hero when you purchase a combo set. So by buying a combo I had already planned on getting, I got a free bottle of the Hero. That stuff smells amazing!!! The barkeep is awesome for when I’m working ( in a bar ) no sents to interfere with anything, nice firm hold on the balm, overall just a great quality product. So for me fable has been an awesome company to have purchased from and interact with. “They hooked me.” Now I gotta get the matching hero balm.

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