The Adventure Pack - Beard Oil Samples

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The Adventure Pack - Beard Oil Samples

$ 24.99 $ 35.00
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Want it all and want it now? The Adventure Pack of Fable Beard Co. is the ideal option for newcomers who want to try some of the beard oils we have before sticking with one. Also, if you already like our products and unique scents, the Adventure Pack may come in handy to enjoy our offerings and vary each day.

The Adventure Pack includes full dram samples of:

  • The Barkeep - Unscented Blend Beard Oil
  • The Inventor - Citrus Cologne Beard Oil
  • The Scribe - Coffee Scented Beard Oil
  • The Hero - Cologne Scented Beard Oil
  • The Gunslinger - Futuristic Patchouli Scented Beard Oil

With the Adventure Pack, you will receive a 5-pack of samples of several beard oils that Fable Beard Co. is offering right now. This is the perfect opportunity to experience a whole world of wonders and stories through high-quality grooming products for your beard. Are you ready for a new adventure?

Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
Chris Eckhardt
A Great Start!

I wanted to give some scents a try and this is a great place to start! My favorite is probably The Scribe even though the coffee and chocolate smell doesn’t last very long. The Inventor was pretty
strong but a good smell. I really like the Hero too. I’m in the fence on the Gunslinger. It’s ok, but overpowering at times. I like the unscented to have in situations where a smell may not be appropriate (a funeral for example). If I were to rate these I’d say:
1. The Scribe- just wish the coffee smell lasted longer.
2. The Hero-a bit strong, but quality smells.
3. The Inventor- decent, but smells a lot like deodorant.
4. The Barkeep- good for situations when a smell isn’t appropriate.
5. The Gunslinger- just too strong and overpowering. Gave me a headache.

I did order four more scents that weren’t these. Looking forward to them.

Justin Ewoldsen (Indianola, US)
Sample Pack

I have only tried 3 so far but all are great! I love how long lasting the scents are, I am used to other brands wearing off in less than an hour but these stay fragrant all day!

Andrew Klingler (Toledo, US)

Nice little pack to try out the product. I found one I liked and ordered a full bottle and butter. Great way to give this company a shot.

Kenneth Brooks (Houston, US)
Best Sampler Product on Market - Better Scents.

Giving this product a 5 stars overall. While I did not like all of the scents, that does not detract from my score since the point of the product is to sample a bunch of different scents. My favorites ended up being the Gunslinger and the Hero, with me purchasing an entire bottle and butter of the Gunslinger.

Sarah Kraft (Menasha, US)

The Adventure Pack - Beard Oil Samples

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