The Barber - A Fiery Barbershop Scented Beard Balm

$ 21.99

The Barber - A Fiery Barbershop Scented Beard Balm

$ 21.99
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Your search for the perfect barbershop beard balm has come to an end! Step right up and meet the one, the only, the amazing, The Barber! A master cutter that can only be achieved from world travels under the big top! The Barber boasts a blend of antique barbershop, warm cedarwood, refreshing citrus, and fireball whiskey for a little kick. A blend of crazy adventure and sophistication only The Barber can provide.


Apply the desired amount in hand. Warm by rubbing together. Work into beard and style for an epic beard!

Best used twice a day - Once in the morning and once in the evening

Benefits Include

  • Super Conditioning Blend For Beard Softness
  • Vitamins and Minerals To Promote Optimal Beard Growth Conditions
  • High In Fatty Acids To Prevent Hair Breakage 
  • Seals In Moisture And Provides A Light/Medium Hold For Styling


    • Castor Oil - High in vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids, excellent for conditioning.
    • Coconut Oil - Adds shine, softness, and helps prevent hair breakage
    • Sweet Almond Oil -Sealant and beard protector
    • Argan Oil - Anti-Oxidant, UV Protector, High in Vitamin E
    • Jojoba Oil - Promotes beard strength and rich in vitamins and minerals
    • Shea Butter - Reduces Skin Irritation and Prevents Breakage 
    • Bees Wax - Provides light/medium hold and seals in moisture

    The Wizards Promise

     🌿 All-natural cold pressed oils

    💯 Free of damaging phthalates

    đŸ‡ș🇾 Made in the USA

    😎 Free of  DHT-inhibiting ingredients

    đŸ‘ƒđŸ»Â Long-lasting scents 8-10 hours

    Fable's Risk-Free Guarantee

    If you aren’t amazed by The Wizard's magic or the fragrance you purchased just isn't for you, we'll exchange it for another fragrance—no questions asked. Just contact The Princess

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    edwin moreno (Worcester, US)
    The barber

    I have journey to far and wide to find a scent that compliments the adventure I have experienced in my lifetime. As I searched the web I came across fable beard and was astounded by the wide variety of sense across the land. Spices and herbs from all corners of the globe are blended together to create a purely heavenly scent. A scent that even the gods themselves would be envious. When I step out of shower I am half a man but as I put on the barber oil and beard butter I am completed. I am baptized in the holiness of the fabled beard scents. I feel I am becoming a god.

    James (Santa Rosa, US)
    Great scent!

    Scent is amazing, feels great, hold factor is somewhat lacking

    Amber Garner (Seymour, US)

    The Barber - A Fiery Barbershop Scented Beard Balm

    David Braden (Olympia, US)
    The Best Around

    I've struggled to find a beard company that I like. Whether its cost, scent, product quality, there has always been an issue. With Fabled Beard Co. I have found my unicorn. The scent of the Barber is exhilarating. The oil is great but the balm is perfect. The hint of whiskey and cinnamon sets your senses ablaze. I could not ask for any thing more..

    Austin Ettredge (Denton, US)
    Maybe when I receive my order

    I haven’t received my order yet to have a review yet. Showing it’s been sitting in the same place for the past week when tracking. Hopefully it will be heading my way soon

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