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Fable Beard Co.

The Gunslinger - Teakwood & Patchouli Beard Balm

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Become a time-traveling bounty hunter with The Gunslinger's beard balm, a wild beard companion you can't forget. With this futuristic patchouli beard balm, no matter what, ye’ll be ready for the perfect desert storm!  This balm uses 5 different carrier oils alongside with shea butter and beeswax. Brace yourself indeed and enjoy the alluring notes of mahogany, vanilla, teakwood, and patchouli!

Wait no time and saddle up with this manly balm. Apply the Gunslinger’s exquisiteness once in the morning and, ideally, before going to bed. The scent will remind yer of the olden times, on a blanket under the desert night sky. The final result? A sturdy and manly beard with an indulging scent, the one of a cowboy.

The oils included in The Gunslinger's beard balm are what makes it so special. Coconut, castor jojoba, argan, and sweet almond oils close the secret recipe, guarding it as the greatest treasure in the wild west.

Fable Beard Co brings to you beard products made with wizards magic! What can wizards magic do for your beard? Well, get ready for a long list of benefits. Trust me, I'm a Wizard!

Promotes beard health and strength
Seals in moisture, preventing beard itch
Moisturizes deep within the follicle, allowing optimal growth conditions
Softens beard hairs to allow for easy styling and management
Long-lasting scent to carry you through the toughest days
Reduces skin inflammation allowing for better growth

The Wizards Promise

 🌿 All-natural cold pressed oils
💯 Free of damaging phthalates
🇺🇸 Made in the USA
😎 Free of  DHT-inhibiting ingredients
👃🏻 Long-lasting scents 8-10 hours


Fable's Risk-Free Guarantee

If you aren’t amazed by The Wizard's magic or the fragrance you purchased just isn't for you, we'll exchange it for another fragrance—no questions asked. Just contact The Princess

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Steve Deisher (Princeton, US)
The Gunslinger

One of my favorite scents!

Aaron Hansen (Redding, US)
Gunslinger Balm

I was hesitant on this one because I had no idea what pactchouli or teakwood smelled like but I ended up using a buy 1 get 1 free coupon to try it. And I wish I had gotten it sooner. The Gunslinger is honestly to me one of the best smelling scents I have ever tried. Right after I put on the oil and smelled it I ordered the balm right away. The butter is definitely next. it really is an amazing, rich smooth kind of scent

Kristiana Blankenship
Awesome smelling beard balm!

I purchased Gunslinger after my husband has been using Strategist for almost a year. Both of them smell wonderful without being overpowering.He loves how they soften his beard. Thanks for making great products!

Jay Casten (Monument, US)
This stuff works great on skin

I love to smell good, but I don't have a beard. I got this for my forearms mainly and it smells fantastic. I work in the medical field, and get many comments on how good I smell often. Its a great way to moisturize skin while smelling like Mavarick himself.

Anthony Ward (Tyler, US)
Love the Gunslinger

I ordered this to try and it did not disappoint. I ordered wash, cowash, oil, balm, and butter. With my old beard oil I would start to get itchy again shortly after applying. With Fable Beard Co. I don't have that issue. The scent smells amazing and it lasts for hours! I love it, and so does the wife! Will definitely be starting a collection soon