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The Highway Hunter - Pumpkin Spice Savior Ultimate Bundle

The Highway Hunter - Pumpkin Spice Savior Ultimate Bundle

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Our most popular fall seasonal scent is reborn! 

In the post-apocalyptic world, a prophecy spoke of a Savior who'd restore hope. Cloaked in mystic power, the Savior led battles against chaos, offering promises and miracles.

But rising against them was the Highway Hunter, renowned for ruthless efficiency and unmatched strength. As the wasteland's challenges escalated, his strategic brilliance outshined the Savior's magic.

A stormy battle ensued, where the Highway Hunter's practical prowess overcame the Savior's mysticism. With brutal pragmatism, he secured victory, proving that action spoke louder than miracles.

Survivors witnessed the shift – the Highway Hunter emerged as the symbol of unwavering strength. He taught that true hope sprang from confronting the world's harsh realities, solidifying his reign as the new beacon of survival in an ever-demanding world.

But he kept a piece of The Savior with him. The scent was just too good. 

Scent profile - Warm Roasted Pumpkin, Sweet Vanilla Bean, Rich Spiced Cinnamon, and Creamy Toasted Marshmallow

*Limited Falloween Scent


1 - 1oz Beard Oil

1 - 2oz Beard Balm

1 - 4oz Beard Butter

1 - 8oz Beard Wash

1 - 8oz Beard Conditioner

1 - Deodorant Stick

1 - Cologne Spray

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