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The Shark - A Deep Sea Beard Oil & Butter Kit

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The Shark is a deep-sea blended beard oil in collaboration with Mo The Bearded Shark offered as part of our legends series!

The Sharks boast a blend of crisp driftwood, dark lilly's, rich bamboo, and stormy seawater. A unique oil designed to take your beard to the depths of the sea. 

Our beard butter is set apart from any other as it's exactly what it sounds like, a true beard butter! 5 Different beard butters all with their own unique benefits to your beard and skin health.

  • Cocoa Butter - Deeply moisturizes, Strengthens, Helps prevent hair damage
  • Shea Butter - High in Vitamin A and E, Helps Prevents Breakage
  • Mango Butter - High in conditioning fatty acids, Adds natural shine
  • Kokum Butter - Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Hair Softener
  • Illipe Nut Butter - Improve Hair Elasticity, Moisture Retention, and Improves Shelf Life
  • Bees Wax - Seals in moisture and protects the product from heat

Our beard butter can be used at night for overnight conditioning and during the day for a light hold beard conditioning product.

*Please note that our butters are made of natural ingredients that may arrive slightly grainy due to temperature changes in shipping. Slight Variations in texture are normal for this all-natural product. Simply warm the desired amount in your hands for a smooth application.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Russell Campbell (San Diego, US)
Great Value

Super solid oil. Does a plus job in hydration without being greasy. The fragrance is a amazing. It's a perfect blend of being a night time "red panties night at the Apollo" cologne while also being able to wear it to a coffee shop at 8am. Don't let their light hearted RPG branding dissuade you, Fable has produced SERIOUS products.

A happy adventurer always puts a smile on our faces, the shark is definitely a top tier scent! - The Rocket

Steve D.
Great scent profiles, inconsistent butter

I purchased both the Shark and Dr. Wolf beard oil/butter combos. The scents on both of these are fantastic. Dr. Wolf is a great blueberry with a hint of tobacco. The Shark is a clean, aquatic cologne. The oil consistency is a medium viscosity that absorbs well and has a lasting scent in beard. Both the butters smell just as good as the oils. The issue is with the consistency of the butter. Both butters arrived pretty gritty. As someone who orders a lot of products, I get these products are hand made and due to high temperatures, the shea butter can often clump making small pellets. These pellets can break down but it takes a while to warm in hands to achieve. I have melted them and reset them and the issues still happen. Maybe just a bad batch, but willing to try another butter scent to see if this is the case. Outside of the grit, this order would have been 5 stars easy. I have a pretty long beard and appreciate the softer butters as they work better with the length. It also makes them much easy to comb through. Great company and fast product delivery. Hope this helps. Looking forward to trying one of the co-washes as well.

C. Holland (Bethalto, US)
Smells Amazing!

I am a new customer. I purchased these for my husband and... let me say I love a good smelling man! I purchased The Shark and The Stategist. Although they both smell really good, The Shark is it! The fragrance is potent, which I love! The Strategist has a hint of leather. I will be buying more!

Matthew Lisatz (Roseville, US)
Best beard oil I tried!!!

After trying a few brands I have to say the bearded shark and dr wolf are some of the best oils I've ever used !!! Bearded shark smells like the beard of Poseidon himself!!! Clean aquatic and everyone who smells it has fallen in love !!!!

Djpal (Houston, US)
The scent is amazing

Fresh and light last all day. If I had a a scent named after me it to would be fresh like the deep sea. Review Medals