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World Eater - Enigma Complete Butter Kit - Orange Dreamsicle Enigma

World Eater - Enigma Complete Butter Kit - Orange Dreamsicle Enigma

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Enter the realm of World Eater, where a mystical entity devours worlds and leaves behind an enigmatic essence. This fragrance, an orange dreamsicle enigma, captivates with the alluring fusion of creamy vanilla ice cream and tangy orange sherbet. Immerse yourself in its tantalizing embrace as it evokes a sense of cosmic wonder and indulgent delight. Let the essence of "World Eater" transport you to a realm beyond imagination, where dreamsicles and enigma collide in a scent that defies earthly boundaries.

Scent Profile - Earthy Vanilla Ice Cream, Tangy Orange Sherbet, and Enigmatic Etrog


1 - 1oz Beard Oil

1 - 4oz Beard Butter

1 - 8oz Beard Wash

1 - 8oz Beard Conditioner

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Rikku Min
      Incredible smell

      I really hope they keep this one in the rotation. My favorite smelling beard product to date.

      MATT (Missouri City, US)
      Amazing Scent

      Easily became one of my favorites. Within minutes of opening the bottle I was ordering more

      SpaceCowboy (Harrisonburg, US)
      New crush

      Citrus and sugar, a new love. A mix between orange crush and a dreamsicle.

      Sean Burns (Columbus, US)

      It's always hard to choose which is my favorite scent by Fable Beard Co but World Eater has definitely made that choice easy!!! If you're thinking about pulling the trigger on this one do it! Don't sleep on this!!!

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