A Big Fall

A Big Fall

The last time we saw our Fable Adventurers, the attack had begun. The Marksman, Dr. Wolf, and the Hero had infiltrated the city, scouting the enemy’s numbers, coordinating with local resistance, and informing the other heroes of the city’s current situation. The Gunslinger, the Barkeep, and the Distiller have snuck into the city for a rendezvous with the Roaster, commandeering his horse and cart. Captain Crimson, piloting the Mystic Wave, launches a bombardment against the undead forces occupying the city of Franklin. The Mystic Wave’s cannons blast the Franklin docks, drawing the ire of the Witch Doctor, who proceeds to intercept the returning heroes…


Captain Crimson grins with satisfaction as he hears the thundering footsteps of the Witch Doctor approaching. Captain Crimson spots the Witch Doctor as he turns a corner. His grin of satisfaction fades to a scowl as he pulls hard on the captain’s wheel. He jerks the throttle back, as a massive green fireball hurtles towards the Mystic Wave. The ship pulls hard into the turn, just ducking under the projectile. 

Captain Crimson throws the ship violently into a counter turn, bringing the ship back around heading bow-first to the flaming docks. Another green fireball flies from Witch Doctor’s hand. Captain Crimson turns the Wave to avoid the flaming ball. The fireball scrapes the side of the ship. The Inventor’s protective armor is sheered off the shipl, exposing the hull underneath. Flames begin to populate around the area, but are quickly quenched by the ocean water spray.

Crimson’s eyes harden and his expression steels. He holds the wheel steady, knuckles whitening. The Witch Doctor is summoning another fireball. This time the Witch Doctor is using both hands to summon the largest projectile yet. Captain Crimson leans forward, metally willing the ship onward. The Witch Doctor begins to lower his arms, focusing the energy downward toward the Mystic Wave.

Captain Crimson jerks the ship sideways, screaming, “FIRE.” The cannons of the Mystic Wave roar, interrupting the Witch Doctor’s magic. The Witch Doctor suspends the spell and just has time to cover his face as the cannonballs strike his body. The cannonballs pepper the Witch Doctor as he staggers backward in agony. While the cannonballs were not fatal to the Witch Doctor, they were quite painful, like dozens of tiny pebbles pelting the skin at high speed. The Witch Doctor bellows in pain. As he backpedals, the sound of several gunshots erupts, followed by a multiplication of stinging pains, reminiscent of hornet stings, running up his body. 


The Barkeep pulls hard on the reigns, guiding the horse and buggy through the chaos on the streets of Franklin. The Distiller is riding next to the Barkeep, gripping the handle on his seat with nervous intensity. The Gunslinger, on the other hand, is standing in the back of the cart taking potshots at all the undead as they pass. They turn a corner just in time to see a barrage from the Mystic Wave strike the Witch Doctor. 

“Oh he liked that, did he,” says the Gunslinger. “Well try this then!”

He slings his 45-70 lever-action rifle around, brings it to his shoulder, firing several shots, up the legs and torso of the Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor recoils as the bullets sting his skin. The Barkeep pulls frantically at the reigns, directing the horses around the Witch Doctor’s stumbling feet, dashing away down the street. The Witch Doctor turns to see the wagon dash away. 

The Witch Doctor turns to pursue the hit-and-run wagon casting a fireball in his hands. He tosses the fireball which explodes right behind the cart. The explosion lifts the cart’s back end up into the air, bringing both back wheels off of the ground. The airborne cart jerks back down hard as the horses continue thundering down the street. The Gunslinger is thrown off balance, falling forward face first into the driver’s seat with the Barkeep and the Distiller. The cart flies down the street as the Gunlinger, legs kicking in the air, tries to right his self. The Witch Doctor in a rage, pursues the wildly driven cart. Several of the undead converge on the cart from the street. The Distiller stands and grabs his walking stick, steadying himself on the cart’s railing. He takes a breath and jumps onto the back of one of the horses pulling the wagon. He begins to stand up on the back of the horse, like a performer at a circus, and then proceeds to swing his walking stick, knocking over any undead that approaches the careerning cart.

The Gunslinger crawls back into the back of the wagon, pushing his cowboy hat back down onto his head. He reaches in a canvas bag, pulling out a cylldrical tube with a fuse. The Gunslinger leans forward lighting the dynamite with his cigarette. He tosses it out the back end of the cart, right at the foot of the Witch Doctor. The dynamite explodes causing the Witch Doctor to jump in pain, but he continues his staggering pursuit. The Gunslinger continues to light the dynamite sticks, dropping them intermittently between gunshots and the evasive manuevers to avoid the angry fireballs hurled at them by the Witch Doctor.

Suddenly the Gunslinger toes a dynamite stick high in the air infront of the Witch Doctor’s face. Simultaneously, a hooded figure fires a crossbow bolt with a heavy braided wire attached to it across the road. The Witch Doctor tries to swat the dynamite away, but it explodes in his face. The blinded Witch Doctor trips over the wire falling face first and smacking his head on the ground. The hooded figure salutes the heroes and melts back into the shadows. The rest of the heroes gather round the fallen Witch Doctor, jubilatious in their momentary victory.

“Mrrrrgghhhh,” groans the Witch Doctor as he raises his head, moving his arms to get up. The heroes back up, unsure what to do since they have been taken off guard.


The fleshly *thunk* of a fist smacking into the side of the Witch Doctor’s head, like a farmer slapping a ripe watermelon, sounds. The Witch Doctor falls back to the ground, out like a light. The heroes peer around the Witch Doctor. There, standing in the street, are the Inventor in his exoskeleton and the Wizard standing proudly next to him.


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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