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Fable Beard Co.

Fable Army Subscription Kit

Fable Army Subscription Kit

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Introducing the Fable Army Subscription Kit! Created for the people and by the people.

June Scent Feature

The Cooler

At Double Dees Bar, The Cooler was more than a legend; he was an institution. A hulking figure with an unflappable calm, he could quell any chaos with just a look. Rumors swirled about his mysterious past, including whispers of him single-handedly taking down an entire biker gang. Inspired by his larger-than-life presence and love for summer, we introduce The Cooler—a tribute to this iconic figure and the spirit of adventure.

Rugged, classic, and undeniably cool. This perfect blend of fresh citrus and warm musk embodies bold masculinity. Imagine the robust allure of Tennessee Whiskey mingled with the smooth aromas of caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar, all wrapped in the warm notes of an aged oak barrel. It's a scent as legendary as the man himself.

Scent Profile - Tennesee Whiskey, Oak Musk, and Citrus Bitters

What You Get!

Your Choice Of The Following

1 oz beard oil

4 oz beard butter

2 oz beard balm

8 oz conditioning beard wash (Co-Wash)

8oz Beard Wash



Or get it all every month!

All in a new character and scent blend created by a customer just like yourself! With a new creation being featured every month! 

You see, we like to do things a bit differently at Fable and one of those things is bringing your custom character and scents to life! Well, we have had so many creations made that we wanted to share some of those unique creations with the rest of you! 

A brand new adventure every single month with the product quality you have come to expect from Fable Beard Co!

*Orders are charged immediately the date you purchase and will re-occur on the same date every month unless canceled. New characters launch on the 26th of each month.

 *NEVER to be released again!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 418 reviews
Jacob Martin (Jackson, US)

Fable Army Subscription Kit

Morgan Mayfaire (Miami, US)
I completely love this beard oil. This is now a favorite.

The Cooler was a great surprise. I see my subscription as a gift to myself every month.

Chris Sutak (Youngstown, US)
What I thought

I thought it smelled amazing I use it all the time

Steven Hall (Lawrenceburg, US)

Great scent but I was expecting more of a Tennessee whisky smell.

Zach B (Nolensville, US)
COOLER than your mom.

This is one of the few scents from Fable that I ended up going back and buying some different items of. Started off with the oil/butter combo, and as soon as I got it and smelled it, I went back and bought the cologne too. Going to be getting the deodorant and washes next. This one is well worth the subscription!

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