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Tired of crumbs, itchy skin, or a sad and oily-looking wiry beard? Let the Wizard magic up his legendary beard wash in all the lands, turning your beard woes into a thing of the past. 

Best Beard Washes!

"Behind every great adventurer is a group of great friends, and behind every glorious beard should be great skin," you hear a man tell you as he welcomes you to the front of his infamous distillery. Scents of finely aged white-oak barrels and with aging spirits, notes of vanilla, mulled spices, and bourbon entices you in the air, as well as the merry discourse and singing happening within the distillery itself. 

He can't help but notice your admiration of his full, luxurious and gleaming beard, which he points to with another smile. "It is true! Why I use only the best beard wash to keep my beard and skin soft and healthy. Have you not heard of beard wash?" 

When you shake your head no, the Distiller's eyebrows climb upward in shock. "Why, t'is the legendary Fable Beard Co.'s beard wash I use, friend, to keep the dry skin, itchiness, and dirt away." He looks behind him on the many shelves of fine bottles, pulling a distinctive one and setting it down before you.  "Here, then! A sample near and dear to my heart, named aptly after me. 

"This magical elixir will promote your whisker growth, strengthen your beard hair, seals in moisture to prevent pesky beard itch, softens it, and carries a long-lasting scent for long eight to ten hour days." 

You thank him in wonder, picking up the bottle to read the label: Beard Wash, Fabled Beard Co., The Distiller, and cannot wait to try this legendary best beard wash for yourself. The label informs you that this wash is created with all-natural cold-pressed oils, free of the evil phthalates and DHT-inhibiting ingredients, will reduce skin irritation, moisturizes, and promotes healthier, better beard growth. 

You also note the label tells you that Fable has a risk-free guarantee and that should you not like the fragrance or aren't amazed by the beard wash, you can write a letter to The Princess at, and it will be exchanged, no questions asked! 

You thank the Distiller profusely, excitement at the prospect of a glorious, soft, and healthy beard."

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