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Dr. Wolf Is What Goes Bump In The Night

Jacob Wilder | | 2 comments

Or was it better to recklessly pursue justice, purging the muck and filth that haunted the city by night? It was incredibly irresponsible. The things he did, the things he does...but it’s not him.
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The Marksman- A Frosty Encounter

Jacob Wilder | | 1 comment

The Marksman, in the quiet of the hills, falls deep into old memories. The Marksman hails from a quiet, sleepy village in the southern realm. The village was situated in the valley of the three mountains with plentiful forests and streams. The only people coming and going were merchants who brought supplies and wares into the valley, but mostly the people were able to grow and produce what they needed. 
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The Scribe- Episode 4- Adventure Awaits

The Writer (Jacob Wilder) | | 0 comments

“First,” proposes the Wizard, “it would be imperative to find transport to your destination. There will be raging seas, deceitful monsters, and mystifying tests along the way. 
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A 2020 Fable Christmas Story

The Wizard | | 8 comments

The tavern grew quiet again, the patrons gazing around the room in wonder, trying to determine the source of the gift. That’s when they began to notice the decorations and festive candles lining the walls. Those hadn’t been there when the night began.
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