Meet the Scents of Our Heroes

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    There came a power unlike anything known before in a magical world where intrigue and secrets, stories and history, heroes and villains alike. It all began with an innocent-looking bottle of enchanted oils and a name: Fable Beard Co. Soon these bottles appear across the land, found by Tavern Keepers, Distillers, Teachers and Strategists, Artists and Inventors, Gunslingers and strange Drs, and more.
 The word on the wind whispered the titles: The Wizard and The Princess, two shrouded in legend, bonded in this place and dedicated to creating a serum of beard care products that would empower the people and adventurers alike. Sweeping through the commonfolk and powerful heroes alike, soon the name on everyone's tongue was that of Fable Beard.Co and the delectable scents carried by unforgettable men.
 But the Wizard and The Princess did not forget about the just as mighty women of the land. Soon the word was spread, stories spoken in taverns and inns, outposts and towns of The Enchantress, The Gypsy, and The Nurturer too. There was an elixir, a potion, an oil, or lotion, and body butter for all and anyone who sought it. Created from natural products such as the freshest cold-pressed oils, free of the tainted darkness of damaging phthalates and DHT-inhibiting ingredients, the legend of this new power in beard and body scents grew until everyone had embraced the name: Fable Beard. Co.
 If you, adventurous one, are ready to change—to grow your potential (and beard), then we, The Wizard and The Princess are prepared to help. This is your origin story! Choose the companion to bring with you on your beard and body journey to a better, healthier beard, skin, and scent adventure like never before! 
 With more than dozens of specialized, unique, natural scents and ingredients to choose from—and the Wizard constantly brewing up the spells for many, many more—there is a signature scent within this treasure trove for everyone. From ancient woods to fresh vanilla, ripe peaches, and rare, exotic spices and Teakwood, you will find the perfect companion to help you with your next journey.
 Do not forget, hero, to sign up for our enchanted weekly giveaways so you will never miss a new scent and any exclusive offers. Welcome to Fable Beard Co; your adventure begins!