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Dr. Wolf...

Dr. Wolf was my one of my first buys.... and still my favorite.

Love the products.

I absolutely love all of the products from Fable. The scents are great and long lasting.

Smells bold. Not sure if the wife likes it but I do

Scent could be stronger, nice smell otherwise

Lifeguard - Pineapple Beach Patrol Beard Butter
Beardedguy (Muscle Shoals, US)
Smells great!

Holds just like the other scents do, and love the smell. Have had a number of compliments on the smell, and I do not pile it on. Very pleased!

The Barkeep - Beard Oil - Unscented Blend
Todd Eastwood (Fort Dodge, US)

The Barkeep - Beard Oil - Unscented Blend


So far I've tried quite a few of the products and I've yet to be disappointed . The marksman is my second favorite smell, beard butter, and oil. Captain Crimson has my soul though but still all products so far are amazing.

Creamsicle Heaven!!!

I love orange creamsicles, and this scent is exactly like it! I will be ordering a whole lot before this one disappears.

Fable Army Subscription Kit
Jacob Martin (Jackson, US)

Fable Army Subscription Kit

The Scribe - A Coffee & Chocolate Scented Beard Oil
Joshua Billings (Walkersville, US)
Good stuff

Definitely smells like coffee and chocolate, could be a bit stronger but it's a good scent .makes you want some coffee.

Pleasantly surprised

Didn't know to expect but it sure wasn't minty .I like it 5 stars

Freaking amazing

Love it

Smells great and makes my beard feel awesome

Legacy is a winner!

I originally ordered the Legacy oil and butter set. After trying it I knew I needed more and ended up getting the Ultimate Bundle, it's just that good. If you haven't tried it, you definitely should. Fable has been hitting out of the park with these new scents.


Beard oil can sometimes be a touchy subject for some people there’s so many brands so many scent profiles floating around. I decided to get beard a try. I got the Druid and the marksman. Both sense are super powerful. I’ve had many compliments on the Druid for earthy notes. Highly recommend both Scent profile

Great product

My wife love the scent. The beard oil and butter makes my bread feel great.

Smells absolutely delicious, but I did take the Beard bomb. One of them was gonna be Beard butter not two Beard bombs.

It’s Great!!

First off my wife loves all the beard oil. My Wife can’t stop smelling my face! The Teacher smells as described sweet and delicious. The peach scent stands out the most, so if you like a sweet peach scent this is for you.

Everyday Hero

This is one of my favorite scents already. I really hope this one stays forever. After 5 yrs of growing my beard, 24", Fable Beard products has been my favorite company. I have pretty much loved everything you guys put out there. I should think about buying stocks in Fable Beard 🤣😂

Love it! This company goes beyond measure to satisfy their customers