A Brief Overview of the Multiverse

A Brief Overview of the Multiverse

The Scribe leads the Wizard and Dr. Wolf up a towering staircase that wound around the entirety of the Ostricester University Library. 

“You know, the last time I was here, the Gunslinger and I exited through the stain-glass window up there,” says the Scribe nodding toward the ceiling where a new stain-glass window was being installed, surrounded by stories of scaffolding and webs of pulleys. The Scribe, the Wizard, and Dr. Wolf reaches the final landing and is met by the head librarian.

“Ysak!” calls the Scribe brightly. The head librarian rushes forward to greet the Scribe. 

“Scribe!” replies the librarian as the two embrace. Ysak eyes the Wizard and Dr. Wolf, and laughs, “You aren’t here to rob my special collection are you?”

“Not as long as you let me see it,” says the Scribe with a gleam in his eye, “I am pleased to introduce you to the Wizard and Dr. Wolf.”

“Ah this is THE Wizard? And the incredible Dr. Wolf. It is truly a pleasure to meet you both,” says Ysak, leading the trio towards the special collection section of the library.

“So what are you looking for, Scribe?” asks Ysak.

“I’m looking for multiversal theory and ancient mythology and ancient deities,” says the Scribe.

“Peculiar areas of study, we don't get many requests for those,” says Ysak, leading the heroes to a stack of books in the back corner of the special collections section.


The Scribe, Dr. Wolf, and the Wizard pour over stacks and stacks of books. The daylight has faded to night, and the long day of study was starting to wear on the heroes.

“I don’t think there is anything of value in the Oni pantheon of gods,” says Dr. Wolf, closing a large book.

“I’m struggling with multiversal theory,” exclaims the Scribe, “Dr. Alvin Hoffman’s theory makes the most sense to me, but Patton, McKenzie, and Richards all seem to contradict Hoffman and each other.”

“I think I’ve found something,” mumbles the Wizard. The other heroes turn quickly, eager to hear that the day of intensive study might have yielded something productive.

“Eight ancient religions, over five of the seven volumes I’ve read, mentioned a vial containing various energies from creation,” begins the Wizard.

“Creation of the Fableverse?” asks the Scribe?

“Most of the stories are vague about that, but a few make reference to heavenly realms. Possibly a conduit for all multiverses,” explains the Wizard.

“This would align with Strickland’s theory where there is a central universe that is the origin of all energies in the rest of all the multiverses,” exclaims the Scribe, several blocks of multiversal theory falling into place in his brain, “He believed that three main energies powered the multiverses.”

“Interesting,” muses the Wizard, “All mythologies mention that a creator being captured some of the original three energies and contained them in three separate elixirs. The elixirs only exist in one universe at a time. The being selects a universe during a time that has the most valiant heroes to protect it. During that time, multiverses grow ‘closer’ to the inhabited universe leading to increased crossover and more powerful magic. Several demigods and strange travelers supposedly arrive during times the elixirs exist in a universe.”

The Wizard conjures a map of the Fableverse, with burning red beacons scattered across the map, “There are hundreds of legends about where these vials may lay, we’ll have to explore them all.”

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