A Dark Omen

A Dark Omen

The Wizard steps over a pile of rocks to find the Lich lying on his back at the bottom of the rise. The crimson stone glistens as the ebony wand sticks out of a cluster of rocks nearby. The Lich sits up an angry scowl on his face.

“You think you have defeated me, Wizard, but this is only the first round. You can even keep your paltry trophy. However, I won’t be the only one coming. You’ve declared to the cosmos the power held on this plane and they’ll be coming for that shiny little stick of yours. And when they have you at the end of your rope, when the darkness closes in around you and you are too tired to carry on, I’ll be there…”

The Lich snarls and begins to melt into darkness until all that remains is the vile hatred that still permeates the air.

The Wizard walks over to where the Lich had fallen, prodding around at the ground with his staff. Not a trace of the Lich remains. The only thing left behind is the Lich’s ebony wand. The Wizard walks over to the wand and picks it up. The Wizard can feel the immense power running through the wand, but he can also feel the dark misdeeds that have been committed by this instrument of evil. The hatred and malice poured into this wand washes over the Wizard. The Wizard drops the wand, turning his staff on it and casts a charm of protection, allowing him to pick the wand up and store it in his robe with no ill effects.

The Wizard stands for a moment, a solemn look of concern frozen on his face. Who is coming? How would the Wizard be able to protect his special magic against everything the multiverse has to throw at them? Who will stand with him against all the worlds?


The Gunslinger and Marksman sit on the newly rebuilt Franklin docks. The duo returned to Franklin after searching for the Wizard and Dr. Wolf after they disappeared in the middle of the woods. Unable to find them and feeling confident that the Wizard could handle himself wherever (or whenever) he ended up. The pair resigned themselves to waiting at the Wizard’s store in town until they saw the Mystic Wave’s sails peeking up over the horizon. The Gunslinger and Marksman made their way to the docks to greet Captain Crimson.

The Gunslinger leans against a crate, rocking the cylinder of his pistol back and forth between his fingers. The Marksman flips a throwing knife in the air, catching it by the blade and then by the handle over and over. The Mystic Wave pulls up next to the dock and a large anchor drops off the side of the hull, splashing into the water and sinking to the bottom of the sea. A gangway is lowered and the crew spills off the boat like school children at the end of a school day. Crimson is the last one to step off the boat, smiling at his friends as walks up.

“How was your voyage, you crazy scally-wag?” asks the Gunslinger.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” laughs Captain Crimson.

“I could tell a tale better,” comes a Wizardly voice from behind them.


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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