The last time we saw our bearded adventurers, the Gunslinger fired an unlikely shot to crack the Time Changer stone. The immense power the Enchantress was using to channel her massive spell caused the stone to explode under the strain. The spell began to close in on her, consuming her until the Wizard absorbed the power of the Time Changer crystal and the Enchantress in the process. Victorious the heroes help rebuild the town of Franklin and the Wizard promises to help the Gunslinger travel back in time to save his family, without irreparably destroying the time-space continuum.


It had been a month since the heroes defeated the Enchantress, and while the town of Franklin had not returned to its former glory yet, the townspeople had made great strides in healing the wounds the town had endured. Tonight, the townspeople gathered together in the town square to celebrate the progress the town had made and to thank the heroes for everything that they had done. The Inventor worked with the town carpenter to build a long dining table, nearly a hundred yards long. Several round tables surround the large dining table, running over with food brought by the bakers, chefs, and the everyday home cooks. 

The Distiller worked with the Baker to provide several desserts for the evening festivities. The Baker was ecstatic for the collaboration, finding that the Distiller’s “innovations” provided his desserts a little extra “kick.” Captain Crimson arrives with the Marksman and the Gunslinger, all carrying ice chests full of fish after a long day of fishing. The Barkeep assists the townspeople in grilling the fish on large custom built grills, provided by the talented hands of the Inventor of course. 

The Hero and the Scribe, stand upon a recently built stage, taking turns telling stories of the fellowshipships adventures and misadventures for the local children. The Wizard stands nearby, slightly off-stage, conjuring effects that supplement the adventurers’ storytelling. The Barkeep and Captain Crimson helped build the stage out of leftover scrap wood and linens recovered from the Franklin Inn. Despite their differing backgrounds, both heroes understood the power of a lively tale, especially to the children who had been caught in the middle of the conflict. The stage provided a place where lively song, dance, and story could provide a reprieve from the toil and struggles of their daily life.

“There I was, my hands tied. Captain Crimson and I stood above the raging inferno,” began the Hero. With a flip of the Wizard’s wand a fireball erupts from the stage the flames continue to rage, however the planks on the stage were neither consumed or charred. Hundreds of small sparks come together like fireflies buzzing together forming the scene of a cliff with two human figures bound on the edge.

“Suddenly Captain Crimson…” the hero motions to Captain Crimson, who is standing across the street from them. The children turn, giddy to see the hero being described to them in the story, Captain Crimson gives them a toothy grin and a hearty wave. “... drops a signal flare into the fire calling down fire from the Mystic Waves’ cannons.” The scene conjured by the Wizard shows several explosions while the figures run away. A subdued echo of the cannon fire rings out. The children gasp at the effects as the Wizard chuckles at the joy his magic brings.

“Alright everyone,” cries out the Distiller, “the food is ready!”


The heroes lounge around the table after the great feast has subsided. Captain Crimson picks the roasted chicken from between his surprisingly well-maintained teeth. The Hero reclines in his chair, a fine Franklinite lass perched on his knee, and shares a laugh with the Distiller. 

“Where are you going now that this is all over?” asks the Hero. 

“I’ll probably head back out to my distillery, hopefully it’s still standing,” chuckles the Distiller, “I do hope that my next outing to find my latest brew doesn’t take so long. What about you?”

“I’m not sure, I’ll chase after the next adventure, I guess,” replies the Hero.

“Well boy,” interjects Captain Crimson, “If you ever feel inclined to join me on a pirating spree, I’m always looking for daring crewmembers. In my absence, I’m sure the waves have run wild with every scurvy pirate trying to lay claim to her fortunes. I may need some help reclaiming what is mine. Who knows, you might even end up captaining your own pirate ship! We could have our own navy, you and I!”

“With you as the Admiral, I suppose?” laughs Dr. Wolf.

“Well yyyyyes,” stammers the Captain, “it should be someone with a vast array of naval experience.”

The group burst into laughter at the typically stoic Captain. “What are you going to do now, Dr. Wolf?” asks the Hero through tears of laughter as he tries to settle down.

“I can’t very well go back to Cremouth, as I left as an escaped convict destined for the gallows,” begins Dr. Wolf he trails off looking at the town around him. The cozy cottages, the small but lively streets. “... I might stay here. These people need a good doctor,” Dr. Wolf nods towards the Wizard, “and maybe with the Wizard’s help, I might better understand and control the beast within.”

The Wizard nods thoughtfully. “I will will do everything to help you learn to harness your power Dr. Wolf. And to help you, of course Gunslinger.”

“Until then, I’ll continue hunting bounties. I’m lookin’ to build up a nice little nest egg for my family so that when I get back to them I can spend the rest of my time with them,” says the Gunslinger. 

“I’m going to search for what’s left of my Order and try to rebuild it to what it was meant to be, a brotherhood dedicated to the protection of the Realms and its people, so the next time a tyrant or a power hungry witch rears their ugly faces, we will be prepared. However, if any of you ever need me, I’ll be there,” says the Marksman after a short pause in the conversation.

“How will we get ahold of you,” asks the Hero.

“Oh I’ll find you,” says the Marksman, with a wink.

“And you’ll always have a chair at my tavern,” offers the Barkeep

“I’ll be around,” says the Inventor pointing towards the old jeweler’s building, “I’ve bought the old jewelry store and I plan on converting it into my new workshop.”

The heroes smile and nod their approval for the Inventor’s plan. As their conversation dies down, the heroes turn their attention to the Scribe, who sits attentively at the table, observing the goings-on, occasionally making a note on his scroll.

“And what be your future plans, Scribe?” asks Captain Crimson slowly, trying to alert the Scribe to the fact that the group was waiting to hear his future plans.

“Oh me?” replies the Scribe, “Nothing much. I do I have a pretty good idea for a book though…”


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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