Fable Beard Co's The Barkeep - We Meet The Wizard - Episode 3

Fable Beard Co's The Barkeep - We Meet The Wizard - Episode 3

I fall farther and farther down, and it starts looking like my descent is into a black hole with no end in sight. I've never felt so scared in my life as I am right now, and I begin to regret shoving the door in and letting my curiosity get the better of me, in the first place. Who can blame me anyway? It's what anyone in their right mind would've done. I mean, who'll live with the realization that there's something mysterious lurking down the hall of their home without making investigations. After what seemed like a journey of a million years, I landed into what seemed like a tunnel of old. Yet, its bricks and floor were as shiny as ever. No one doubt that was emblazoned in pure gold with the way they shone. It simply wasn't any ordinary tunnel. Along with its golden walls, On the golden walls, numerous bursts of old men with amazing beards were cast on the wall with bronze. Not to talk of the masterpiece casts on the ceiling, shining like diamonds. I walk closer to them and discover that they all bear the same last names, signifying that they belong to the same family. I begin to wonder where the hell I am. I try tracing the source of such expansive light, that was as clear as daylight in the tunnel, but I've so far come up empty. A walk further down the mystical tunnel reveals several drums, with Fable Beard Co. logo boldly inscribed on them, stashed appropriately in different corners. This begins to give me a faint idea of where I could possibly be, but I'm not near certainty yet. Scented aromas of the just delivered beard oil by the Captain fills the cold and chilly air, in the belly of the earth. And then, I hit a crossroad. The left-turning seemed to be properly illuminated as it looked like it shared the same illumination with the tunnel's areas that Id hitherto covered already. The right-turning wasn't so illuminated, but melodious tones came from the side.

I opted for the lighted path and continued walking down. The journey seemed endless as the path stretched longer and further longer. Different well-structured beard styles were etched on the wall. At last, my legs took me into an expanse room that was expensively furnished. Everything in the room had a Fable Beard Co. logo etched in gold on it, from the main writing table to the wall portraits, to the sofas. Everything and everywhere smelled nice. I noticed that the wall portrait in the office was similar to the diamond human bursts...

Behind the old Oak desk sat an old man with a young face. His beards were well manicured in the same way as all those on the wall and did smell nice from afar. He must be the Wizard, I thought. Everything about him was mysterious, mystical and commanding. His creased eyebrow, blue eyes, and tidy mustache did not go unnoticed. The old man continued dipping his pen in ink as he blotted away on the white paper in front of him. He didn't seem to notice that anyone had come into the room but as I made to reach for a huge bottle of beard oil on the table, he glanced up momentarily while his hands continued writing. You are not allowed to touch that, he said. I immediately dropped it off like it was a hot coal. He feasted his youthful eye on me for a while before returning his gaze to his writing. I settled in an adjourning chair that was supposed to calm my nerves but failed at its job. I've only heard beautiful stories and encounters about the Wizard and meeting him in flesh was an amazing experience that I couldn't wait to recount to my tavern's customers. At least, that'd break the cycle of stale news that customers threw around in the tavern and perhaps allow me to hijack the magical and effective beard oil sale industry. A book that towered on the Wizard's deck caught my fancy. Its covers were gold while Fable Beard Co. logo was also etched on it. I picked it up and glanced through. Careful with that, the man said. Reading it exposed the journey of when and how everything started with Fable Beard Co. and entries as its development progressed.

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