Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - The Wizard's Secret - Episode 4

Fable Beard Co's The Engineer - The Wizard's Secret - Episode 4

The inner parts of the castle looked just as high as it had seemed from the outside. I look up, there was a high void, which stood from the ground floor, until the topmost part, the ceiling of the castle. As I imagined what it will feel like to be dropped from the very top, until the bottom, something closed up tight in my tight little body.

“Hello!” I said,

My voice echoed on and on, I could hear at least five feedbacks of my echo, all distinct, one from the other. As though whatever wonder the wizard had prepared waited for the last echo I would hear, there was suddenly a large mat the spins from the top right angle of the castle, it flies with a great swoosh until it hits just right beside me. Lying just by my feet, it looked so gentle, smooth, and it was the furriest rug that I had ever seen. There was something that attracted me to it. As I saw it lay so gently there on the floor, something in my eye, and in my tiny brain spun. However, there was another voice, somewhere in a far corner in my head that told me there was no trick of the wizard that was not nasty, and this just had to be one of those tricks. I made up my mind to touch, and so I did. I would wish I didn’t, and that I obeyed the other voice.

Touching it, I discovered that there had been something magnetic, indeed about it. From the finger which touched, I was pulled into the carpet, until my entire body lay, fittingly, in the middle of the carpet. Immediately, it wrapped me so tight, that there was no part of my being that I could feel, even my soul. I felt it move, and I could tell that I was in the air. The fur that I felt so gentle had been so rough with me. It toggled me, on and on, smashing me through walls, and through doors. I was in total darkness, for I could see not a single thing. However, suddenly, the chaos seemed to have come to an end, and little by little, string after string, I felt the carpet let go of the tiny piece of my body. It was a miracle, indeed, that not one of my bones had been broken.

As I opened my eyes, slowly but surely, I saw him, the wizard, standing before me, and grinning with every strength that he had in his old body.

“This is quite a welcome, old man,” I said, angrily.

He seemed to have zapped from my face, and I heard him speak from behind in the same second, and right behind my left ear.

“Sshh! Are you worthy?” the wizard asked me

“Worthy for what?” I said in anger, as I turned to see his face.

The wizard had zapped off and was now standing on the ceiling of a room in the castle that we had been.

“The strongest of my potions had gone into the mixture, and consequentially, into the fine blend of the beard oil, that only the bravest have dared to travel down here for. I ask again, are you worthy?” The wizard replied.

I had checked through my memory again. Had it been more than the beard oil that I had been sent to take? Definitely not. I responded in the affirmative, after all, I was the engineer. Then, the loud laugh of the wizard made me feel like I had lost my stamina. It echoed on and on, even in the room. Before I could ask what was going on and why he laughed like a psycho, the mat came all over me again, and I am sure you know what the rest is.

As soon as the squeezing, the throwing, the bashing, and banging was done, I was released by the captivity of the mat, and I had suddenly arrived at an underground, and I saw what I wished I had simply seen in the hut in the North. It was a huge, and unending array of this precious beard oil. What had been the mat, my rough transport, as though under some spell, transformed into a huge cart. There was a doorway, and I know what it was. The wizard wanted me to fill the cart and get going. Could he not just have asked me instead? Just before I could take a few steps to the first column where the beard oil had been lined, there was this tremendously ferocious wolf-headed in my direction from one angle. Thanks to who I cannot tell, my hammer had been just inches away. With the wolf getting closer than was necessary, I slid myself down, took a hold of my hammer, and then jumped back on my feet.

The wolf, wilder than any I had ever seen in my life, even though I lived among many, fling itself in the air, so skilfully, and as though there had been not a single bone in its body. I wielded the hammer, as tight as I could, and then, I got ready to give it a good walloping. Need I mention that the wolf had just been my height? As the wolf landed beside me, missing its hit, I grabbed my hammer with much more fury than I had done initially, and with the might of remembering the trolls I had overcome, I set my hammer lose, like the Engineer that I was. My hammer ran in the air, and my arms, although small, had been faster than the wolf. My aim, as well as my landing, was good. With all of my body in the air, just with my hammer, I landed by hammer right in the middle of the wolf’s head. As I heard the cry of pain, before it was done, the wolf vaporized away. These colorful vapor formed words appeared in the air as they vanished away at the same time. They read – “Are you worthy?”

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Very,interesting short tell the imagination of a genius story teller for the new era that reflects the characters via the beard oil products and artwork all come to make sense.Makes you want more all of it from the story’s to the mystical world of the artwork and the products their within.keep it up I need more darker sents and artworks add that to your playlist it just makes sense.Send me some samples of new concept sent s I will review them I have a beardber shop and been starting reviews Ghost beards coming soon I would love to show case some of your products in No Shaveamber.Email me at Weztevez1@gmail.com thanks Brian West ..stay Ghosted.

Brian West

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