Fable Beard Co's - The Gunslinger - A Wizard Encounter - Ep 2

Fable Beard Co's - The Gunslinger - A Wizard Encounter - Ep 2

"I guess so, with your help at least" Gunslinger replied.

The Hero and the Barkeep looked at each other, trying to stop Gunslinger from speaking. He was defiling their initial agreement of him keeping his cool.

Meanwhile, the Scribe was still distracted with the beard oil on the Wizard's table, as he opened it poured a bit of it on his palm and ran the nice scenting oil through his beard.


"Disrespectful!!" The Wizard shouted at the scribe hitting his palm on the table as his eyes glowed.

As the Scribe got petrified and ran for cover behind Gunslinger.

Scribe always portrayed the gentle as a dove's character, and perhaps, it is because he talked less, and was quite observant. It didn't matter to him that he had beards which he could use as a proud tool like Gunslinger.


"Ohh..scary," The Hero said chuckling.

"These are very important products - not toys you can just play with," The Wizard said.

Not that it only spices up the look of a man, it also bestows defiance on his face. Just like the one Gunslinger wears to make his foes tremble. At least, what good is it to have your chin graced with such amount of energy, and yet still cannot put it to use.

The Wizard said.


"Enough already Wizard!..I am not here to hear your witty speeches...I came here for a solution. A problem that even I cannot fix" Gunslinger said rather humbly.


"Ohh...there it is.. the humility" The Wizard sarcastically said, folding his arms while he stared at Gunslinger.

The barkeep was purposely up to something now

"Wizard...(the Barkeep started, approaching his desk) I brought them here, knowing fully well that you can help the Gunslinger bring back his Romeo and Juliet...

"... Naomi and Rodney!"... Gunslinger angrily said bringing out his gun and pointing it straight at the Barkeep.

For sure, if he took the shot, it was going straight through the Barkeep's head.

The Scribe now maintained a position in a corner, while he scribbled the occurrences in a paper.

The Hero felt challenged. At least, this was what he has been waiting for before they became friends. An excuse to battle the Gunslinger. It was going to be two men with full-grown beards who were going to be in a fight. He liked the thought of it, as he was reaching for his weapon in his waistband.

(Whoosh) There was a sudden, release of fire, and it was the Wizards.

Blowing off the steam from his fingers, he said.

"Not in here, you don't. "

"Who comes into a store to fight...you all should leave now before I..

" We are sorry Wizard" Gunslinger interrupted.

The Hero, Gunslinger, and the Barkeep appeared remorseful. This was not supposed to be happening after they had become friends, but it was the Gunslinger's impatience to see his family that was pushing him to act otherwise.

Quickly, the Barkeep whistled to the Scribe, Hero, and Gunslinger for a quick meeting. They all came together forming a circle as they whispered while the Wizard watched them.

"Bloody gossipers.." The Wizard said as he began humming a song.


(Gunslinger started)

"I am so sorry folks. My impatience is getting the best of me I think. The solution to my problem for all these years is standing right there in front of me, and I just can't..."

(The Hero interrupts)

"Easy..easy Slinger.. You will get your family back..."

"How?..the Wizard seems pissed already.. The Scribe said.

"Perhaps there is something we can do, the Barkeep said, running his hand through his stuffed beards..."

"Ohh..I know.." Gunslinger subtly said.

"What again is the Wizard? He asked.

No one could respond until he finally said it for himself.

"A trader!..Perhaps we can purchase some carton of the beard oil product to appease him. That way, we accept our fault and restore the dignity of his shop as a place of sale, and not a battleground.

"Hmm Good one Gunslinger.." Scribe said

As they dispersed the meeting and turned around, the Wizard was no longer by the table.

"What in the worl.." The Hero was saying until the Barkeep interrupted and said aloud ...

"Over here..."

  It was a dark inn in the store that radiantly glowed in yellow and green color.

They all approached it, as Gunslinger took the first step in, followed by the Hero, and others.

The Wizard was busy mixing some greenish lotion, with some machinery mechanism rolling. He had an ancient book right in front of him and spoke in some unknown language.

(Barkeep clears throat)..."Wizard we want to..."

(The Wizard interrupts) "Drop the money on my table, and take according to what you have paid, I am no longer upset”

The Wizard said.

They were all shocked, no one could explain how the Wizard had known what they were discussing.

"I am a Wizard remember..." He said, still busy with what he was doing.

Finally, now, The Gunslinger was humbled. He knew for sure that the Wizard would have something to do as regards his trouble.

"You think too much Gunslinger..." The Wizard said again


"I can read thoughts.. I know what you have in mind before you even say it. One thing I know for sure is that you miss your family so much, and you would give anything to have them back.  I am not helping you because of that, I am helping you because it was your idea to purchase cartons of the beard products.

(The Wizard turns around)

After you purchase, give them out for free - and let the world be nourished with more bearded people.

" If only you all can agree to that deal, will I help your friend; Gunslinger, bring his family back.

They all looked at one another and chorused.


"You see Gunslinger, the lesson here is that no matter how good of a fighter you are, you will be wrong to think that you can get your family back without your friends helping. That was why I initially asked when you walked into my store if it was going to be possible that you got what you came for. And now because of the friends you made, You will see your family.

The Wizard said.

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