Fable Beard Co's - The Hero - Enemies Become Friends - Episode 2

Fable Beard Co's - The Hero - Enemies Become Friends - Episode 2

"Oh Gunslinger, I shouldn't be scared of you, you know. I am The Hero.

He was just there, standing firm, and fearless. Under his black hat was a defiant look, gracing his face, complimented with his full-grown beard on his chin. Gunslinger appeared like The Hero's match as he was tempted to challenge him to a fight. After all, The Hero's physical features are in fact almost the same as The Gunslinger. Only that they were different flavors of masculinity.  The Hero wasn't flawed, not yet.

"And you, Gunslinger are in search of the Wizard for?" The Hero asked aloud.

Gunslinger didn't budge, he overestimated himself greatly, the Hero observed, and was liking the attitude of unresponsiveness he was beginning to put up - at least, it was a good chance to put up a fight with him and get his doubled reward from the Scribe after he gloriously emerges  the best of them both.


"What business do you have with the Wizard deaf?"

This time, Gunslinger heaved a deep sigh, as he took his first step,  approaching The Hero.

The Hero was prepared for what could happen - a fight, or a test of bravery.

He got closer, and The Hero's assumptions about the Gunslinger from afar were affirmed.

"Not to brag, but Gunslinger... I am Gunslinger like I already said, and your worst nightmare"

The Hero Chuckled a bit and broke out into hard laughter.

"Plus you talk too much" Gunslinger added.

"At least I don't act deaf when I am not," The Hero said with both his hands on his waistband.

"I need to see the Wizard, is he here?" Gunslinger asked rather impatiently.

The Hero looked at him for a second and wondered what could possibly be the recipe to his Fearlessness and bold confrontation. Could it be his beards giving him a sense of maturity?, It could, but then,  not totally. There is a secret to his godlike personality, The Hero thought.

"You know, we aren't very much different from each other," The Hero said with a smirk on his face.

"You are nothing like me" The Gunslinger replied in a proud voice.

"I've made tough humans beg for mercy at the very verge of death, I was bestowed the title " Gunslinger " by a majority who have acknowledged my spontaneity with the gun.

"Ohh I see,"  The Hero said, repeatedly running his hand through his full-grown shiny beards.

"Engage me in no unproductive conversation any longer. Do you know where the Wizard is"?

Gunslinger asked again.

"Come with me," The Hero said, taking the lead to the Barkeep's Tavern.

"Look what I found..."  A man from the sky. Just like the times of old. The Hero said, making a gesticulation with his hand. "Now I don't get my reward" he added.

And you must be...? " The Scribe asked.

"I am the Gunslinger, from another dimension of time. I had the means to time travel - courtesy of a witty scientist. He referred me to this time, with an affirmation of the Wizard's presence here." Can you take me to him?

The Scribe had his head down to his paper, as he hastened his pen on a book - like he was taking a record of occurrences at the moment.

"Is that a map that shows me where the Wizard resides?" Gunslinger asked The Scribe.

"No..it is not. He most likely is putting to white and black your physical attributes - most especially, the finesse that radiates on you with your beards"  The Barkeep replied.

"You have come for something very important with the Wizard. I can see it in your eyes - but what is it exactly?" The Barkeep asked.

"That alone is meant for the Wizard's ears. I regard it highly classified, and not to be disclosed to a bunch of adults who I do not know from Adam."

"Well, it would interest you to know that you are the Stranger here, and I the Barkeep, a stranger to you as well as the only one who has the knowledge of where you can find the Wizard. But since we are both Strangers who have no business alike, then I guess you could continue on your search for the Wizard you seek". The Barkeep ended, dusting off his table, and pretending to be busy with the napkin in his hand, as he whistled and cleaned the cups.

The gunslinger had a degree of fortitude, he was a solo hunter who never begged for anything, due to his wealth of experience in his lifetime. Should he result to subtle violence with his gun expertise, and petrify them a little - he thought. But then, of what good was it. They would only get defensive and respond with the same language of conflict.

He thought of Noami and Rodney, and how badly he wanted to bring them back. That was at least his soft spot.

" Ughh...I think we all got off on the wrong foot. How about a restart. We are all acquainted I guess, so no strangers here. Gunslinger said.

"A shake on that Barkeep?"

The Barkeep paused a little, till he stretched his hand for a firm handshake.

"That's the Spirit!" The Hero exclaimed as the Scribe acknowledged it, nodding his head.

As they arrived at a tunnel, the Barkeep warned them on the need to get their acts together, and not touch anything that wasn't of concern to them, as the Wizard never liked such.

Gunslinger adhered to the instructions on hearing them, but who knows, he could act differently. He believed in his own instincts alone.


Everything in the room scented nice and had a fable beard co. logo etched on it. Then you know, you are in the Wizard's environment.

"Good day Wizard" The Hero started, until The Barkeep interrupted and began his own speech.

"We didn't mean to..."

"Wizard... The very first and last of his kind. Sage of all times. Mysterious as the dark side of the moon"

Gunslinger interrupted the Barkeep, approaching the Wizard, while something exquisite on the Wizard's table caught the Scribe's fancy - It was a huge bottle of beard oil, which he clearly saw had been fruitful to the  Wizard, with his well-tidied beards and mustache.


"I am..."

"I know who you are...and why you have tasked your frail mortality this far..."

"I am no frail mortal..." Gunslinger retorted.

The Wizard was a higher class of the finesse Gunslinger always displayed. It was a matured and assured strength from within that blossomed outwardly as he spoke each word.

" Gunslinger, the question is would you get what you came for? ". The Wizard asked.

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