Fable Heroes Return/The Nightmare is Real

Fable Heroes Return/The Nightmare is Real

The Gunslinger breathes in and out and opens his eyes, smelling the sweet familiarity of the tavern. 

“Is it… is it over?” mumbles the Gunslinger to himself.

The tavern is quiet, and a haunted look lingers on the faces of all the heroes. However, all the chairs are in the same spot, the food is still warm, and even the ale that the Barkeep had poured still has suds bubbling at the top.

The chatter begins to pick up again, as everyone shakes the shades of dark thought that seemingly clouded the mind of all the Fable heroes. Eventually, the dark thought is forgotten and the Fall festivities continue.

“Hey Marksman,” calls the Inventor rambunctiously, more than likely slightly inebriated, “Come here, I have to show you my new invention. Your little order of ninja rangers would lose their minds over this.” The Marksman rolls his eyes but begins to oblige and make his way over. The Marksman passes the Gunslinger, but something on the Markman’s cloak catches the Gunslinger’s eye. 

“Hey Marksman,” calls the Gunslinger.

The Marksman turns quickly and takes a couple of steps back toward the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger reaches up to the Marksman's shoulder and pulls a couple of strands of a strange organic material. It is several strings stuck together, one end is extremely dry and wispy, while the other is silky and smooth. The Marksman and Gunslinger stare intently at the new find. The Hero notices this and walks over as well.

“What have you guys found,” asks the Hero, trying to look around the Marksman to see what the pair are looking at.

“I can almost put my finger on it, but it’s just out of reach,” exclaims the Marksman.

“Well I know what that is,” says the Hero, half-surprised that no one else knew what it was, and half-concerned as he realizes what the material is with greater specificity.

“It is corn silk,” says the Gunslinger, holding the material closer to his face. The Marksman’s mask disguises the Marksman’s face quite well, however, the mask was ineffective at hiding the color draining from the Marksman’s face.

“That is Auburn Harvest Silver Corn,” says the Hero, his voice straining, “I’ve only seen one farmer who grows this… Did you see him? How is he still alive?”

The Marksman just stares. Through the tavern wall, through the town of Franklin, through the surrounding forests, out into space, and through the galaxy. The Marksman’s eyes are locked into a thousand-yard stare that would make one wonder if he may ever recover. 

Finally, the Marksman breaks the silence, “Yes, I saw him. He still stalks the fields. I told myself it was just a dream but…” The Marksman looks back at the silks laying in the palm of the Gunslinger’s hands. The silks, the proof that this monster is more than a figment of his imagination. “No, no the nightmare is still real.”


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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