For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls

“WELL THIS IS NO FAIR… HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY WINTER FUN!!!” screams Slay Bells, surveying the battlefield and observing the majority of his champions of evil incapacitated. Slay turns and returns to the controls of Silent Night. The ship begins to lift off and Santa sees the access door beginning to close slowly. 

“Teddy! We have to get this craft down, no matter the cost. Target the engines and fire on the Night!” screams Claus as he charges toward the open access door. Teddy’s gun winds up and hard candy tears through the air, striking the engines of Silent Night. Several shots bounce off the advanced craft’s outer hull, but a few cut through the material, rattling around on the inside of the engine.

The ship turns and begins to phase in and out of site but the access door is still open, albeit closed. Santa sees his chance and dashes across the battlefield, hurdling the fallen Elfinator and crashing through the melting, flaming remains of the Blizzard madly rushing towards the fleeing ship. Claus leaps through the closing access ramp, barely making it inside. The ship finally cloaks, leaving Teddy firing randomly into the air.

“You just can’t let me have any fun,” says Slay sadly, pushing the auto-pilot button and picking up his bells of violence. He exits the cockpit, standing in opposition to Santa in the ship’s vestibule. Santa pulls out his peppermint club, holding it like a staff, awaiting Slay’s first move. Slay lunges, swinging his bells violently at Santa. Claus takes two steps in retreat, dodging the vicious swings. Santa connects with a candy cane jab, stunning Slay. Santa moves like a dancer, swinging the candy cane with methodical movement, landing several devastating blows. 

Slay falls backwards but catches himself on the wall. He turns back towards Santa with fury in his eyes. The whole craft shakes. Teddy’s deluge of random hard candy fire has finally effected the engine, causing backfire and inconsistent thrust. This matters not to Slay as the shaking of the ship has thrown Claus off balance. Slay rushes forward slamming one of his nasty bells into the side of Santa’s leg. Santa stumbles backward, caught completely off guard and hobbled. Slay continues, next with a shot to Santa’s ribs. A painful blast of air is forced from Santa’s lungs. Claus weakly blocks the next few swings using his cane, but with each swing, Santa struggles more and more. The next swing strikes home, impacting Santa’s left orbital socket. Santa staggers back clutching at his face. The strike opened a cut and blood runs down his face, dyeing his beard a crimson red. His left eye has already swollen shut. Slay rushes forward to strike the killing blow, but Santa still has some fight left in him. Santa parries the blow, knocking the bell free from Slay’s grip.

Santa siezes the opportunity, rushing Slay and slamming him down on the ship’s control panel with the candy staff held horizontally, leveraging the cane to block off Slay’s breathing. Red lights flash and alarms scream as the craft begins to dive. Santa sense the shift in gravity but fears that releasing Slay to gain control of the ship may mean his end so he fights on. Slay futilely tries to hit Clause with his remaining bell, but the lack of oxygen has exhausted his movement. 

“Well that’s a wrap folks,” wheezes Slay as he loses consciousness, just before impact.

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