Elfinator’s eyes lock in the direction from which the stray spell came. Jack Frost quickly attempts to conjure another ice spell as the Elfinator charge, but just as the two are about to collide, a flaming pumpkin lands between the two. The flaming pumpkin explodes in a large flaming fireball. The pair fly in opposite directions sinking into the snow. Santo-lantern peaks the hill, dragging his wicked sack of pumpkin bombs behind him.

The Blizzard is locked in a struggle with the Nutcracker. Even with one of his arms immobile, the Nutcracker lands a flurry of blows with his healthy, non-sword hand. Blizzard, desperate to get outside of the Nutcracker’s wingspan, shoves the Nutcracker back with a vicious shove. The Nutcracker stumbles backwards…


The Nutcracker looks down to see what he stepped on, and sees several shards of ice in the shape of Jack Frost. This maneuver didn’t benefit the Blizzard, however, as it gave just enough room for Teddy to toss in a flaming mason jar filled with moonshine. The jar breaks, and the moonshine ignites, but the flames burn nearly clear due to the purity of Teddy’s moonshine. The Blizzard screams as he melts into the snow.

“Well this isn’t fun at all!” screams Slay Bell at the heroes, “You’re rushing my party! I’m going to have to break out the finale early.”

Once again, Silent Night’s beam shines down on the snow, this time leaving behind a monstrous figure in its wake.

The blue-tinged armored being was made out of solid ice. The opaqueness of the ice tells of the being’s ancient nature. An angry orange glow is emitted from the being’s eyes and several sharp icicles sprout all over its back and down its arms. Jagged teeth line the being’s mouth, the air is charged with an ancient evil aura as it strides forth in the midst of the battle. The Guardian breathes a sigh of disappointment.

“I was hoping we could keep him in the box,” says the Guardian.

Frostbite stares at the bright angel and responds, “I’ve thought about you for many, many years and now here you are. Today is the day of reckoning.”

The Guardian lands, assuming a fighting stance, sword leveled at Frostbite.

“Everyone stay back, this one is dangerous… and he’s mine,” says the Guardian snarling.

Frostbite leaps forward with supernatural speed and agility, one of his arms gathering moisture and simultaneously freezing it, creating a glacial blade. The Guardian’s wings launch him forward to meet him, parrying the initial strike. The two fly through the air, crashing into each other, and continue to soar into the sky.

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