Holy War Part I

Holy War Part I

“Yeah, we don’t do a lot of that tremblin’,” drawls the Gunslinger cooley, “You might want to start rethinking your per-og-itive.”

“Shame,” responds the Paladin snappily, “I was hoping that we all might join in Zauberin’s holy communion as brothers and sisters in her holy light.”

The Gunslinger stares coldly into the visor of the Paladin’s helmet. A pair of bright hazel eyes stare back unflinching.

“Gunslinger, something about this seems oddly familiar,” mutters the Marksman, wracking his brain through all of his hunts trying to ascertain what is making the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

“If you will not surrender to Zauberin’s glorious light, then you shall be destroyed,” says the Paladin.

“Don’t like the sound of that,” says the Gunslinger sarcastically.

The Paladin plants the battle standard in the middle of the street, simultaneously pulling his hammer from his belt. “With the might of Zauberin, and the aid her might hammer Van Hamma, I will vanquish all who does not bow the knee to her glory,” yells the Paladin before charging the heroes. 

Quick as lightning, the Gunslinger draws his dual pistols and fires at the charging Paladin.


The high-powered .45 Long Colt bullets ricochet harmlessly off the Paladin’s helmet and shield, the shots to the helmet only causing a slight flinch and the shield shots being completely ineffective. The Gunslinger dives out of the way to avoid the Paladin’s upswing of the Van Hamma. 

The Marksman sees an opportunity and lunges in, twin hunting daggers out. The Marksman plunges a dagger into the underarm of the Paladin’s armor. The tip of the dagger glances harmlessly off the Paladin’s chainmail, and the Marksman has to quickly take steps back to avoid the Paladin’s mighty hammer. The Marksman staggers back, feeling the air off the hammer swings. The Marksman steps inside the Paladin’s guard and slashes at the Paladin’s visor and neckline, trying to attack the vital areas of the Paladin’s face and neck area, to no effect.

The Marksman staggers back and sheathes his hunting dagger, choosing his heavier seax knife in hopes of the heavier knife being able to cleave the Paladin’s armor open. Before the Marksman can land a single blow though, the Paladin steps forward with lighting speed and swings Van Hamma back-handed, slamming into the Marksman’s chest.

The Marksman can feel the cracking of ribs on the hammer’s impact as the force of the blow throws him backwards into the air. The Marksman landed in a heap in the middle of the road.

The Paladin turns to see the Marksman squirming on the ground, but before he can pursue him further…


The impact of the bullet is enough to turn the Paladin’s head, but other than that, he is fine. The Paladin turns to see the Gunslinger holding his repeater rifle, leveled at him. The Paladin charges once again, this time raising his shield to cover his face, only the slit in his visor barely peeking over the shield. The Gunslinger racks another round of .45-70 into the chamber and peers down the barrel.

Narrated by Brandon Warner

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