Holy War Part II

Holy War Part II

The Wizard runs into the street and hovers over the Marksman. He casts a spell of discernment  and sees the Marksman has three broken ribs, a deflated lung, and some internal bleeding. The Marksman gasps for breath, but the panicked breathing causes even greater pain and the darkness of unconsciousness begins to creep into the corners of the Marksman’s vision. The Marksman tries to sit up but the Wizard hovers over him, casting a healing spell.

“Rest, you’ve done enough,” says the Wizard calmly. The Wizard glances over and sees the Inventor peek out of the window of his workshop and then quickly disappears back into the shop. The Wizard then turns his attention back to the battle, hoping the Gunslinger can hold his own until the Wizard can stabilize the Marksman.


The Gunslinger stares down the barrel of his repeater. Shot after shot bounces off the shield of the charging Paladin, the Paladin remaining unfazed. The Gunslinger realizes too late that this resistance is futile. In a last ditch effort, the Gunslinger jumps onto the front of the Paladin’s shield, trying to wrestle him to the ground. Instead the Gunslinger finds himself trapped on the front of the Paladin’s shield, like a bull rider caught between the horns of a raging bull.

The Paladin smashes the Gunslinger through the wall of the tavern, throwing him over the bar. The Paladin walks through the hole in the tavern wall, looking to finish the job. The Barkeep sees the unconscious Gunslinger laying on the floor behind the bar and rushes into action to protect his fellow hero. He jumps over the bar with both hands decked out in brass knuckles, rushing toward the Paladin. The Barkeep strikes first, throwing a powerful haymaker straight at the Paladin’s helmet.


The Barkeep looks down in disbelief. His brass knuckles caved in when they came into contact with the Paladin’s helmet, crushing the Barkeep’s hand in the process. The Paladin grabs the Barkeep by the apron and headbutts him, knocking the Barkeep out instantly.


The Paladin turns from the two incapacitated heroes in the tavern and returns to the street to find the Wizard with Captain Crimson, Dr. Wolf, and the Hero by his side. Suddenly a mechanical whirring fills the air and the Inventor walks out from behind his workshop, piloting his latest smithing-mech. The left arm is a larger pneumatic hammer and the right is a plasma torch, developed after studying the Rocket’s weapon systems. These upgrades require thicker armor and advanced hydraulic and cooling systems. He pilots the mech over to join the other heroes.

“Looks like we got back just in time,” says Captain Crimson to the Wizard, “It looks like a party.”

“I wish you could have been a few moments earlier,” says the Wizard, “but better late than never.”

Dr. Wolf begins to snarl, his canine’s elongating and his fingers morphing into claws. Hair begins sprouting everywhere and his muscles bulge and contort, as he falls to all fours. Finally, the Wolf raises his head, emitting a low and menacing growl.

The Hero draws his twin sabers, pointing his forward arm at the Paladin. The Paladin walks back to the center of the street. He kneels to the dirt, resting Van Hamma and his shield on the ground to balance himself, bowing his head. He’s in a posture of prayer. Suddenly, the Paladin raises his head and charges the heroes.

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