Hunting the Wolf

Hunting the Wolf

The last time we saw our bearded adventurers, Captain Crimson is boarded by an islander demigod, the Angler, who conscripts him into the greatest fishing adventure of his life: fishing for revenge against the dreaded Shark. Meanwhile, the Marksman meets the Giant: a forest giant awakened by the power attained by the Wizard via the Time Changer crystal. While the new power has awakened magical creatures long thought lost in the Fable-verse, it also is a beacon to malevolent forces throughout all the Fableverse who may seek the Wizard’s awesome power for themselves. Back in Franklin, the Gunslinger travels back to the Wizard’s shop to inform him of some concerning news.


Rocket reclines in the corner, having a conversation with the Wizard as he mixes a strange concoction at the potion table.

“I was out investigating reports of a meeting between several Martian clans at the Dusty Veil Meteor Belt. They’ve been attacking ships travelling through specific hyperspace lanes, but letting some ships through. It’s not their M.O, so I went to check it out. When I got to the spot my informant mentioned however, there was no one there, well until they all came out of the belt. They chased me around, I chased them around. I got a few of theirs, they shot me a few times, eh uhhh, my ship got shot several times. Then I saw a couple of Martian Light Invader-class ships and I realized I was out-numbered and out-gunned. I made a run for it through the asteroid field, which took a few of them out and then when I felt like I had a good enough lead I made a break for open space. I tried to put the ship into hyperspace and I was nearly off when I was hit by a martian laser, throwing me off-course as the hyperdrive kicked in, throwing me off course. I tumbled through hyperspace and eventually broke out of the hyperspace lane and crash landed on your world. That’s about the long and short of it. I need to be getting back. The Martian horde is growing more and more active. There’s something behind it, I just know it.”

“Do not worry, the Inventor said he’s studied your technology and believes he has your ship in travelling order. It may not be what it was, but it should get you back to your time and place,” assures the Wizard.

“No disrespect, Wizard but I seriously doubt the technology of this time…”

“IT’S FIXED,” interjects the Inventor as he barges into the Wizard’s shop, a proud smile plastered across his face. A look of shock and confusion sits on Rocket’s face.

“I was able to reroute power from the hyperdrive capacitor to bypass the short on the line connecting the hyperdrive to the main drive,” explains the Inventor. “I also had to re-route some power from your weapons system and shields to make up for the limitations on voltage from the chords I constructed. It may not give you the full power you typically have but it should get you home.” 

The Rocket states in awe once again at the Inventor and his, well, inventiveness.

Just then the door swings open and the Gunslinger barrels through the door.

“Wizard we have a problem,” drawls the Gunslinger.

“Another one?” chuckles the Wizard but the Gunslinger’s brow remains furrowed with worry. 

“It’s Dr. Wolf,” says the Gunslinger, “He’s changed back and the Wolf seems to be back with a vengeance.”

The Gunslinger explains what happened with Dr. Wolf in the square and a troubled look rests upon his face.

“For something to overcome all that Dr. Wolf and I worked through together, it wasn’t the Wolf acting alone in this. A greater power is at work. We must find the Wolf, as I believe it will lead us to the instigator,” decides the Wizard. “Gunslinger, you and the Marksman will accompany me to find the Wolf. The Inventor and the Hero can stay and keep watch over the town along with the Barkeep.” 

The Inventor’s demeanor seems to dim slightly, as if he were slightly disappointed… as if he had something else in mind. He shrugs and mutters something under his breath.

“Can I be of any assistance,” asks the Rocket.

“No, as you said, you must be on your way,” says the Wizard, gracefully declining the Rocket’s offer. “I have an intuition that our paths have not yet departed but that we will see each other again. However, your duty lies elsewhere.”

The Rocket nods, appreciating the Wizard’s understanding of his duty. The Wizard turns to the Gunslinger, “Once the Marksman returns we’ll start tracking the Wolf.”


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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