Pleasure Cruise

Pleasure Cruise

Rocket walks around the Phoenix Dawn, giving it one last preflight walk through before take off. The Wizard walks over to the Rocket, taking in the incredible ship in front of them. 

“Quite a craft, it’s amazing what the future holds,” says the Wizard.

“Well for all the future holds, I’ve seen things here I never dreamed of,” answers the Rocket.

“So what’s next for you?” asks the Wizard.

“Well I was supposed to rendezvous with a few guardians when I was ambushed,” says the Rocket, “I worry what has become of them. I’m going to investigate what happened to them. These Martians are becoming bolder, the ‘why’ makes me worry.”

The Rocket walks up the ramp into the Phoenix Dawn. He glances at the Wizard’s staff and pauses. “Be careful Wizard, strange events are happening, in your time and space and in mine. Whatever magic you have in that little stick of yours, it seems like a lot of people are gunning for it. It is a power that must be kept in the hands of a friend, and must never enter the possession of a foe. For the sake of you, your universes, for all universes. I wish you the best,” says the Rocket.

“I appreciate that,” says the Wizard thoughtfully, “Godspeed, Rocket.” The Wizard stands and watches as the Phoenix Dawn rises into the air and turns before speeding off into the sky like… well, like a rocket.


The sun is bright and the salty sea air blows warmly on all those standing on the deck of the Mystic Wave. The isle of Cremouth lies ahead and the seagulls flying by the ship caw their welcomes as the ship sails smoothly into port. The spirits of the crew were high as the entirety of the journey was uneventful, some may have even described it as a pleasure cruise.

Even Dr. Wolf was in good spirits. Quite sour after the Wizard’s suggestion of a companion to help ensure Dr. Wolf’s safety, the melancholy mood melts in the sea salt breezes and the sunshine. The Hero stands at the banister on the starboard side. He holds a fishing rod, preparing to cast into the ocean.

“Aye I wouldn’t do that if I were ye,” calls Captain Crimson from behind the captain’s wheel, “You can’t be sure what you’ll pull up and, in light of recent developments, you may not want to fish from the Wave.” Crimson’s mind still lies with the Shark that could still be out there, remembering the ship that tried to catch him.

The Hero, not aware of the Captain’s run in with the Shark,  just shrugs and returns his rod and tackle box to his cabin. Dr. Wolf joins Crimson on the poop deck.

“Doctor, I don’t mean to tell ye what to do. I just believe it’s in your best interest to disguise yourself when we get to port. No point drawin’ unnecessary attention to yourself,” says Crimson.

Dr. Wolf draws breath to respond but is cut off by a sheer whistle. The crewman manning the crows nest calls down to Crimson.

“What is it?” calls back Crimson.

“Sir, there’s no one at the port,” answers the crewman.

Crimson’s eyebrows furrow, something is amiss.


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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