Primal's Kingdom

Primal's Kingdom

The Primal being’s muscles ripple as he stands resolute in front of the mechanical cart. It looked like a man, had hair like a man, had arms and legs like a man, walked like a man. But this being has a wild air about him, an animalistic nature like staring into their souls like a jaguar on the prowl. His arms are wrapped in gauntlets made of animal leather straps and shark teeth. His loins are wrapped in animal furs accentuated by the skull of a jaguar, a trophy denoting his sovereignty and station in the wilds of the jungle.

Suddenly Dr. Wolf begins to convulse, hair starting to sprout from ever pore in his body. Dr. Wolf stumbles out of the machine clutching at his body. He emits a blood-curdling scream that transitions into a howl midway through. Gunslinger jumps from the steam wagon, raising his 45-70 carbine rifle. However, he’s moving his barrel between Dr. Wolf and Primal, unsure from which the danger will come.

The Wolf now stands, staring at Primal. Primal’s eyes glow an even brighter shade of pale blue. The two stare at each other for a long time, never speaking an audible word, until finally the Wolf turns and speaks to the Gunslinger and Distiller. The bright glow in Primal’s eyes dies down but it still burns.

“He asks why we are here,” says the Wolf calmly to the rest of the group.

Both the Distiller and Gunslinger were surprised by the Wolf’s calm and even demeanor, let alone the fact that the savage Wolf was speaking to them. Gunslinger lowers his rifle.

“I told him what we were here seeking the elixir and that we were lost,” says the Wolf.

“Who is he?” asks the Gunslinger. The Wolf turns back to Primal, and the beings eyes glow once more.

After a few moments, Wolf turns back around to his fellow adventurers, “He’s the guardian of these lands. Protector of the last truly wild places. The spirit of the wildlands.”

“Are we friend or foe,” asks the Distiller nervously.

“He’s unsure if we are with him or against him,” says the Wolf.

The Wolf turns back and begins to intercede with Primal again. The two face each other for a long time. 

“He says that we are intruders upon his lands and that he detests your presence,” says the Wolf.

“Our presence?” exclaims the Gunslinger.

“You’re everything that destroys place he stands for,” explains the Wolf, “But there there is a much greater threat to his kingdom. An abandoned temple in the center of the jungle in the center and a powerful being that guards its halls and a great power within. This is an encroachment on the sovereignty of Primal’s rule. He wants the being… removed.”

“That sounds like our place,” says the Gunslinger thoughtfully, “Tell him, we’re in.”

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