Krampus’ whip wraps around the coal blaster and rips it from Santa’s grip. Santa pulls his candy cane, gripping it tightly like a baseball bat. Santa swings his candy cane at Krampus, connecting with the beast’s jaw and sending it sprawling backwards. Santa takes a deep breath and sweeps back his hair away from his face, catching a quick breath in the midst of the intense fighting.

“I can see Frost, he shows up bright violet against the snow,” says Jingleman over the comms, “I’m uploading our camera footage to the Elfinator. He’ll be able to ‘see’ him.”

“Finally some good news,” says Santa.

The Elfinator freezes in place and its eyes switch from glowing scarlet red to a pale bright blue. As quickly as the Elfinator stopped, he reboots, eyes returning to the angry red.

The Elfinator now sees a violet silhouette prancing around the battlefield, leaving a path of chaos in his wake. And now Jack Frost is creeping up on Santa. He’s lurking nearby, an icy spell being cast in his hands.

Santa doesn’t see this however, as he is busy continuing to grapple with Krampus. Santa’s candy cane gets wrapped up in Krampus’ whip, but Santa uses the close quarters to his advantage, landing several body shots on Krampus before pushing him away. Santa almost strikes Krampus but out of his peripheral vision, Santa sees Elfinator charging at him. Krampus sees this too and grins stepping away to allow the Elfinator to do his work for him. 

Santa realizes it is too late to defend himself, and braces himself for the impact. However, the Elfinator breezes by Santa, wrapping Jack Frost in a vicious embrace before planting him roughly in the snow a few feet later. Jack Frost wheezes, sounding like the whistle of an arctic wind rushing through a pine forest. He tries to melt back into the winter wind, but Elfinator grabs his arm and throws him towards Santa. Santa grips his candy cane like a bat and smashes the cane into Jack Frost’s ribs. Frost stumbles away clutching at his midsection, all the wintery air having been driven from his chest. Krampus charges forward to re-enter the fray but feels a molten, sticky substance slam into his shoulders, pinning him to the ground. A shockwave blows wintery air everywhere, blinding Santa and the Elfinator with a wintery blast of wind and snow.

“That’s a bullseye for Sleigh 1, effective fire,” calls out Snazzyflakes over comms in a professional monotone, “Sorry for the close fire Santa. Just trying to take care of business.”

“No apology necessary, just glad it wasn’t the 120mm,” says Santa. Santa turns to look at the Elfinator, who is scanning the battlefield for Jack Frost. Elfinator’s gaze wanders over to Santa who is staring at him in gratitude. “Thank you Elfinator, you’re a good friend.”

Elfinator’s eyes glow bright green, “Thank you for a second chance.” The robot’s eyes flash back to blood red as he dashes towards Jack Frost, who is conjuring a second spell, trying to finish the job. Frost casts the spell, but Elfinator makes an evasive action and Santa follows suit. The frost blast travels between them. Behind Santa and Elfinator, Krampus struggles, coated and surrounded by a ten yard blast radius of cooling liquid marshmallow. Unfortunately for Krampus, the stray spell strikes, causing the marshmallow to harden, transforming it into a concrete-like material, trapping him.

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