Starship Dogfight

Starship Dogfight

The Phoenix Dawn springs out from behind the comet, releasing a stream of cannon fire at the unsuspecting Martian interceptor that lay ahead. The interceptor’s shields take several hits but cannot withstand the deluge and several ruby laser bolts strike the hull of the interceptor. The hull explodes, throwing the ship into the side of the comet, which hits it like a Relirian spaceliner. The first Martian interceptor explodes, throwing debris in every direction.

This draws the attention of both the Martian gunship trailing behind the comets and the interceptor that is on the offensive. The gunship creeps up through the comet throng, firing its twin ion howitzers. Massive laser blasts as long as a Q’haro land-cruiser sails around the Phoenix Dawn. Rocket scrambles to bring the Dawn into cover behind a comet, but his plan is abruptly foiled as the howitzer blasts shatter the comet like a ball of glass. If that were not enough, the gunship rotary mini-cannon relentlessly slings lasers at the Phoenix Dawn. The Rocket vigorously pulls on the Dawn’s stick, making the ship dart to-and-fro to avoid the more devastating howitzer blasts. The Rocket continues to move from comet to comet with the same result. The comet field is thinning and dodging all of the mini-cannon bolts is impossible, every so often the Phoenix Dawn rattles as the deflector shields are peppered.

Meanwhile, the Martian interceptor speeds out ahead of the comet cluster and throws the agile craft into a steep climb. When it reaches the zenith of its climb, the interceptor turns over and dives back toward the thinning comet cluster. It looses a pair of plasma torpedoes, followed by a laser spray. The Phoenix Dawn ducks under the comet cluster to avoid the lasers raining down, and then raises back, thrusting forward as the torpedoes detonate behind him. The Phoenix Dawn shakes violently as the concussion of the blast catches up to the ship. Another comet is crushed in the violent explosion. The Interceptor dives through the comet cluster, before climbing again and bringing the ship back around. 

“They’re going to keep us pinned down with the gunship and then the interceptor will continue to circle until they pick us off,” says the Rocket.

“It is an excellent plan sir,” answers ART, “I couldn’t have devised better tactics myself.”

“I’m sure they appreciate the compliment, ART,” replies the Hero sarcastically, “If you two are going to do something, I’m pretty sure you need to do it now.

The Martian interceptor begins another dive, dropping another couple of plasma torpedoes and spraying the comet cluster with lasers as the gunship continues to try to pin down the Phoenix Dawn.

“Guys..” mutters the Rocket as he stares at the radar screen, while continuing to do his best to evade incoming fire from the gunship.

Suddenly, the gunner pod springs to life. Swiveling to face the back of the ship, with its barrels spinning. Several laser cannon blasts spring forward, flying through space before impacting the front of the Martian interceptor. The lasers tear through the interceptor’s deflector shields and slam into the front of the craft.

“Got it,” says the Inventor plainly.

The ship begins to tumble forward, falling from its previous trajectory and crashing into the gunship. The Rocket turns around to watch as both craft explode with the briefest flash of light before darkness rushes back in.

“Alright fellas, I hope you enjoyed your trip,” says the Rocket, “It’s time to take you home, though.”

Narrated by Brandon Warner

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