The Wizard is kneeling down in the back room of his shop, meditating. His eyes furrow in concentration. He has attempted several times to break the dark magic and hatred that was poured into this artifact, corrupting the power held within the magical item. However, this Lich must be quite the accomplished magic user whose skill in magic was only matched by his rage and contempt. The Wizard’s staff, powered by the Time Changer jewel on top, is controlled by the Wizard’s proficiency in the magical arts and knowledge of the universes’ great power. This wand, similarly was powered by the jewel in the handle and amplified by the ebony stone wand. However, there seemed to be two issues. One, the stone did not respond to the Wizard’s magic the same way other magical items would in this universe. Magic is like a language and this magical item did not speak any language that the Wizard was familiar with. Secondly, the Lich’s forceful corruption of the wand causes it to resist any magical probing from the Wizard. The Wizard hopes to use the staff to synchronize the wand and format it to both his will and to this universe’s magical “format.”

The Wizard’s staff lays before the Wizard to his right and the ebony wand lays to the left. The Wizard slowly raises both of his hands and both the wand and the staff slowly begin to rise. The Wizard staff glows bright blue, while the ebony wand glows an angry red. The Wizard can feel the polarity between the two objects, like two magnets pushing away from each other. The little tendrils of blue and red light sprout from the staff’s jewel and the ebony wand jewel respectively. The blue tendrils float slowly and smoothly toward the glowing crimson stone of the ebony wand. The red tendrils aggressively strike at the encroaching blue tendrils like an agitated snake that is backed into a corner. The Wizard’s face shows some strain as focuses his mind even harder to break the will of the magical artifact that lies before him.

More tendrils of blue light appear from the Wizard’s staff, snaking their way toward the ebony wand. The wand continues to resist but the magical might of the Wizard and his staff overwhelms the artifact. The blue light swirls around the crimson jewel, bathing it in the Wizard’s cosmic energy. A crimson cloud seems to swirl inside the ebony wand’s gem, but cracks of white light form throughout the stone, shining brighter and brighter until a bright flash of light fills the room. As the Wizard’s eyes begin to readjust after the flash, he can see that the jewel on the end of the ebony wand now glows bright blue. The animosity between the two objects is gone and is now replaced with a cohesion that can be felt, the great power of the two artifacts being shared and channeled through the wand and staff.

The Wizard feels the power coursing between the objects and in his body. He may not know who or what is coming, but he’s more ready now than he’s ever been.

Narrated by Brandon Warner

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