The Final Battle Part 2

The Final Battle Part 2

The last time we saw our bearded adventurers, the heroes came face to face with the evil and seductive Enchantress, still in command of the Witch Doctor undead legion, and still in possession of the powerful crystal that once powered the Time Changer. The Marksman, along with the Hero and Dr. Wolf, infiltrated the Franklin Inn. While the Enchantress is distracted by the Wizard and the rest of the Company, the Marksman fires an arrow at the base of the Enchantress’ skull. She freezes the projectile in mid-air, shatters it, and then blasts the Marksman’s position with a cosmic blast. Dr. Wolf and the Hero were able to pull the Marksman from the ensuing rubble and prepare to join the fray. The Wizard charges into battle leading the other heroes against the supreme power of the Enchantress and her formidable undead horde…


As the other heroes engage the undead horde, the Wizard runs toward the Enchantress, staff raised, casting a defensive spell. The Enchantress fires off several bright green blasts of cosmic magic, slamming into the Wizard’s defenses, staggering him as he approaches. The Wizard lashes out with a quick tendril of magic, whipping a quick downward blow upon the Enchantress. She waves her scepter regally above her head. However, the Enchantress, arrogant with her powers, did not contemplate the strength and power of the Wizard’s attack. The Enchantress’ defensive spell blocks the brunt of the attack, but the attack still drives her to her knees. The Enchantress looks up, an expression of fear rippling across her face. But as quick as the expression appeared, it disappears, replaced by a look of pure fury. She lashes back out, a wave of magic slamming like an overpowered battering ram into the Wizard throwing him backwards savagely. The Wizard flies several yards, tumbling through the air. Eventually he regains his orientation, holding his hands out to his side, slowing his momentum gently floating down to the ground nearly a hundred yards away.

 The Enchantress smirks at the Wizard, but then a low gutteral noise begins to ring in her ear.


The Enchantress turns and sees the Wolf circling her, his yellow eyes staring right into her soul and his razor-like teeth bared in an insidious grin. The Enchantress quickly casts a green cosmic fireball, throwing it at the Wolf.

A quick bark escapes the Wolf’s mouth as he jumps aside, just barely dodging the spell. He then charges at the Enchantress. The Enchantress casts quick spells, hurling them at the Wolf in rapid succession. Several of the spells miss, but some hit home. The Wolf throws his head and howls when struck, but the spells do not do much to hamper the wild beast’s progress. The Wolf leaps at the Enchantress but as he reaches the apex of his jump the Enchantress slows the Wolf in mid-air giving herself ample time to step under the Wolf, and then, using her powers to telekinetically turn the Wolf’s jump into uncontrolled momentum, the Enchantress throws the Wolf onto the ground. The Wolf turns and quickly snaps at her, quickly making a defensive clawing motion, but she already has started slowing his movements, picking him up with her powers and slamming him into the ground again, like a rag doll. Done playing with Dr. Wolf, the Enchantress quickly picks up the Wolf telekinetically, turns, and throws him through the air, crashing through the roof of a nearby building. 


The Enchantress sees the Hero and the Marksman, running full speed at her. The Hero strikes first, leaping out of his sprint angling a downward blow upon the Enchantress. The Enchantress ducks under the strike, and as the Hero lands and spins, transitioning to a low slash, the Enchantress blocks the attack with her scepter. As the Hero’s blade makes contact with the scepter, the blade jolts back off of the scepter with a loud CLANG, like striking a solid metal pole with a metal dowel rod or something of the like. The Marksman continues running and fires a crossbow bolt mid-stride aimed straight for the Enchantress’ forehead. Much like the first bolt, however, the Enchantress waives the projectile away with a flick of her hand. The Enchantress responds with a barrage of energy bursts, the Marksman ducking, dodging, and rolling to evade the Enchantress’ attack, drawing his knives. The Enchantress plants her scepter in the ground, jumping off the ground and delivering a kick to the Hero’s chin. The Marksman slashes at the Enchantress wth his hunting knife and she meets him with her scepter. The knife leaps out of the Markman's hand, the blade jolting against the scepter. The Marksman recovers quickly, rolling across the back of the Enchantress, swinging his seax knife up, grazing the Enchantress’ arm. 

The Enchantress briefly looks over at her arm as a trail of scarlett drops begin to pool in the thin scratch and then back at the Hero and Marksman. The duo charge the Enchantress, the Hero aiming his blade in a downward arc, the Marksman sliding to strike at the Enchantress’ legs. The Enchantress twirls her scepter bringing it down to block the heroes’ attacks, green tendrils of electricity now curling around the handle. The heroes’ blades connect with the scepter and electricity travels through the weapons into the bodies of our heroes. Their bodies tense up before being blown backwards. 

Captain Crimson, the Barkeep, Gunslinger, and the Distiller are all busy keeping the horde at bay. Crimson is swinging his sword like a great scythe, the undead horde falling before him. The Barkeep’s haymakers crumple the helms of the zombies unfortunate enough to find themselves before him. The Gunslinger is cycling his revolvers as fast as possible, hitting the ghastly guard with lethal accuracy. The Distiller moves with grace and lethal precision, his walking stick slicing through the air at relentless speed, slapping the skulls of the rotting guard. However when one of the undead falls, three step in to continue the battle. 

The Enchantress hears the thundering of the Inventors mech rushing toward her but the Enchantress is done playing around. She points the scepter at the exoskeleton and it begins to collapse on itself. The Inventor tries to escape, but the machine is crushing him.


The Enchantress stops crushing the Inventor and turns to face the Wizard. The Wizard is standing, disheveled but resolute, cosmic energy swirling around him. The Enchantress levels her scepter at the Wizard and green cosmic energy begins to swirl around her as well. Clouds of magic surround the two magical beings. Suddenly, the two fire a solid beam of magical energy at each other. The beams collide, creating a bright sphere in-between them. The two dig in, neither budging in the magical stalemate. The bright sphere grows brighter and brighter till it erupts with a great flash, brighter than the sun. When the flash dissipates the heroes look around, only to see that both the Wizard and the Enchantress have disappeared.


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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