The Great Winter War

The Great Winter War

“Well isn’t this exciting?” says Slay Bells as the coalition of villains rush forward. 

Santa shoulders his coal blaster, “Candymittens, engage the bogey. We’ll handle things here on the ground.”

“Roger that Santa, we’re blasting off,” answers Candymittens and the sleigh lifts off and zips into the sky.

Santa pops off several rounds at the advancing villains. The rest of the heroes rush forward to meet them. The Guardian pulls up, sending a rush of wind and snow blowing up at the foes. Krampus stumbles and falls. Jack Frost is lifted up and driven backwards, like a feather in the wind. The Blizzard, however is unaffected by the blustery blast of wind, continuing to bowl toward the heroes. The Nutcracker charges forward to meet him, sword drawn. The Blizzard swings a gnarled, twisted claw at the Nutcracker, but the Nutcracker displays surprising agility, stepping back to avoid the slash. He counters the attempted scratch by burying his sword deep into the Blizzard’s branch arms. The Blizzard roars in pain, trying to wrench free from the Nutcracker’s sword. The Nutcracker himself struggles to pull his sword free from the Blizzard’s arm. A light chuckle permeates the air as a small figure appears perched on the shoulder of the Nutcracker’s sword arm. Jack Frost chuckles and then waves his hands causing ice to form in the arm socket of the Nutcracker. Jack Frost grins and then melts into the winter wind again. The Nutcracker staggers back and despite the pain of the Nutcracker’s sword, the Blizzard takes advantage of the Nutcracker’s immobility and sinks his needle-like teeth into the Nutcracker’s frozen arm, causing it to splinter and crack in several places. Santa and Teddy focus fire, peppering the Blizzard’s face with coal and peppermint bullets, drawing the lumbering giant’s attention away from the Nutcracker. The Guardian flies near the Blizzard, stopping in a hover to unleash a bright beam of light that burns a considerable hole through the Blizzard’s midsection. The distinct cackle of the Santolantern cuts through the air and the Guardian’s attack is interrupted by the explosion of a Christmas pumpkin bomb exploding in the air nearby. The Guardian wraps himself in his wings to absorb the blast, which forces him to the ground temporarily.

Meanwhile, Krampus has recovered from the Guardian’s wing gust and reveals his whip, a wicked implement, with thirteen separate lashes. The Elfinator levels his weapon at Krampus but Krampus uses the whip to wrench the gun from his hands. The Elfinator, relentless, rushes Krampus only to be met by the bitter sting of Krampus’ whip, ripping flesh to reveal the mechanical endoskeleton beneath. The Elfinator is unphased, unleashing a vicious punch that connects with Krampus’ midsection. The Elfinator continues, throwing measured and precise punches, beating Krampus back. Krampus attempts to swing his whip, but the Elfinator catches Krampus’ arm and halts it midair. The Elfinator headbutts Krampus hard, staggering the creature. The Elfinator marches forward to push his advantage, but a frosty whisper enters the Elfinator’s ear. The Elfinator slows, the cold whisper permeating his internal parts and slowing him down.

Santa sees the chaos on the battlefield and shouts into his headset, “Sleigh 1, can we get some help out here?”

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I bought the oil and my kids and other half love it.. they tell me I smell like a fresh Christmas tree smile.

Chris Garrison

I want the Jack Frost beard butter

Rene Ortega

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