The Quest

The Quest

A dust cloud blows down the main street of Franklin as the Phoenix Dawn touches down in the town square. The hatch opens with a hiss as air rushes out of the air-locked ship. A walkway extends down and the Rocket steps down from his ship and strides into the Wizard’s shop. The rest of the heroes are gathered around a large magical map suspended in the middle of the room. The Wizard looks up and sees the Rocket enter.

“Good, glad you could make it Rocket,” says the Wizard solemnly. 

The Wizard continues, “The Enchantress is at it once again, but this time it is an Enchantress from an alternate timeline that has conquered multiple realities, becoming a powerful entity at the level of a god.”

“We barely beat her last time,” mumbles the Barkeep under his breath.

“Y’all know more about magic than me, would the Time Changy rock put the Wizard at her level,” asks the Gunslinger in a whisper.

“You are correct Barkeep,” concedes the Wizard, “And, unfortunately, it does not Gunslinger. Therefore we will need to gather the three elixirs of creation.”

The heroes look at each other, but the Scribe steps forward with an old, gilded volume. He opens the book to an illustrated page. A large bearded deity covers the top of the page, with nothingness at his back. From his flowing beard sprouted creation: waters, animals, fish, the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. The next picture shows the same entity capturing green, blue, and red energies into intricate vials.

“Most creation stories include the Creator capturing the energy of creation in three separate vials, creating the elixirs of creation,” says the Scribe, “The Creator hides these elixirs in certain periods throughout the multiverses. He chooses periods in which the heroes of that universe are greatest. Most stories also include the Creator leaving the elixir with three guardians. He created them with the purpose of guarding these elixirs. He also left a prophecy that a bearded one, worthy of wielding the power of creation, would one day command the power of the combined elixirs.”

“And that’s you? You think you’re the bearded one of the prophecy?” asks the Hero to the Wizard.

“I do not know if the prophecy speaks of me,” admits the Wizard, “This power is great, one that I am unsure if I alone can bear, but if we do not attempt to collect it, we stand no chance against the Enchantress,” answers the Wizard.

The Hero sits back, stroking his beard thoughtfully.

“I understand your apprehension to a single person commanding such power,” continues the Wizard, “That is why I ask you, my friends, to hold me accountable. The time of the heroes is now. I’ve meditated and pinpointed three points of immense power that I believe house the elixirs.”

“These sites all line up with various legends collected by several civilizations. The third one will be difficult because the third elixir got caught up to the heavens” says the Scribe.

“That’s where the Rocket comes in,” says the Wizard.

The Rocket nods.

“So it’s settled?” asks the Wizard.

The heroes look around and then nod.

“Right,” says the Wizard, “Scribe, you travel with the Rocket and the Hero. The Gunslinger, Dr. Wolf, and Distiller will travel to the deep jungle of Tihere. Captain Crimson will take me and the Barkeep to the Salsay sea. We must hurry gentlemen, time is of the essence.”

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