The Scarecrow vs The Harvester Part 2

The Scarecrow vs The Harvester Part 2

The last time we saw the Marksman, he had been transported to a cornfield in the middle of the country. Despite the innocent and simple surroundings, a great evil lurks in the cornfield. The evil, revealed to be the Harvester, returns to a former victim strung up as a scarecrow in hopes of trading his badly burned jacket for the one on the Scarecrow. The vengeful spirit of the Scarecrow awakens to get revenge on the Harvester for the evils committed against him and a battle ensues…


The Scarecrow charges the Harvester, madly swinging his hand sickle. The Harvester steps backward watching the swings of the Scarecrow, until he finally meets the Scarecrow’s sickle with his own. The two other-worldly spirits do battle, hate and rage poured into every swing. The two sickles clash and the Harvester stares into the lifeless eyes of the Scarecrow. 


Harvester looks down and sees that the Scarecrow has sunk his hayfork through the Harvester’s foot into the ground. The Scarecrow capitalizes on the Harvester’s immobility, swinging his hand sickle savagely. The Harvester tries to protect himself by bringing his sickle-wielding arm up to cover his face. The Scarecrow’s sickle slices rain down on the Harvester, tearing through his hearty leather jacket, tearing through his rugged and scarred skin. The Harvester uses his free hand to dislodge the hayfork from the ground and his foot.

It is the Harvester’s turn. He smacks the Scarecrow in the face with the tines of the hayfork, tearing a pair of gashes in the Scarecrow’s mask. Before the Scarecrow can recover, the Harvester lunges at the Scarecrow, slashing at his chest. Hay pours out of the gashes as the Harvester tears open the Scarecrow’s overalls. The Scarecrow stumbles back. The Scarecrow grasps at his chest, vainly trying to stem the flow of hay falling out of his overalls. The Scarecrow stumbles around, grabbing handfuls of hay and stuffing it back into his shredded overalls.

The Harvester sees his chance. He picks up the hayfork, slowly and purposefully walking towards the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow cowers, falling apart and unable to defend himself. 

“This will teach you,” mutters the Harvester.

The Harvester drives the hayfork into the chest of the Scarecrow, creating a sickening sound of cloth tearing and rib bones cracking. The Scarecrow reaches up the handle of the hayfork, trying to grab at the Harvester. The Harvester drags the Scarecrow through the mud and the cornstalks back to his post with the hayfork, savagely slamming the Scarecrow back against the main beam of the post. The Harvester then lifts the Scarecrow into the air, the Scarecrow struggling to try and free himself from the hayfork. The Harvester holds the Scarecrow against the post, then takes the Scarecrow’s hand sickle and pins the Scarecrow's arm to the post. The Scarecrow hangs, trying to pull himself up with his free arm and wiggle free with the pinned arm. The Harvester takes the hayfork and drives it through the shoulder of the Scarecrow’s free arm, restraining the Scarecrow on the post once more. The Scarecrow, now resigned to his fate, hangs limply on the post. The Harvester tugs his leather jacket back up on his shoulder and trudges off into the field. The Marksman, unwilling to tangle with the malevolent entity with such strange occurrences happening, sneaks his way through the cornfield into the countryside, searching for a way home…


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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