The Throne Room

The Throne Room

The last time we saw our fierce and facially-blessed heroes, the Marksman found the Gallant Gate. Dr. Wolf, Captain Crimson, the Marksman, and the Gunslinger gather around the gate, trying to discern how to open it. When it became apparent that the party would be unable to physically open the gate, they awaited the Wizard to enact his magic. The Wizard, finally able to tune into the magic naturally emanating from the island, pulls the gate open. Our heroes, however, were not the only ones to enter the mountain. The Witch Doctor, the Enchantress, and the Predator also find the gate. The Enchantress reminded both the Witch Doctor and the Predator of their humble path that lead them to this journey, and then the wicked trio entered the mountain…


The Wizard walks side-by-side with the Wolf through the dank and narrow tunnel, the Wizard with his staff raised, illuminating the dark hallway. For being ancient and damp, the tunnels retained both its structural integrity and intricate stonework carvings. The Wolf trots along with his nose in the air and his ears raised, trying to detect any kind of danger that may lie ahead. The walls are lined with fine tapestry’s, detailing the dwarves’ discovery of the magical material that made up the island. Onyx black, glittering gold, deep crimson, plum purple, and sky blue, all intermingled together in an intricate work of art, seemingly untouched by the damp. 

The party walked on for what seemed like forever, engaging with the odd automaton roaming the halls, until they came to an opening. The walkway opens up to overlook a massive gorge. A massive underground lake rushes over the rim of the gorge and along with several smaller waterfalls dropping their contents into the seemingly bottomless gorge. Several winding walkways snake over, through, and on the walls of the gorge.

“Under this mountain lie endless catacombs,” explains the Wizard as the others look on in awe.

“How do we know we’re going the right way?” asks the Marksman, “I’ve been trying to keep my bearings but I only know which way is back.”

“It would be impossible to know unless, like me, you were tapped into the magical energy of the Time Changer. At least, I think that’s what it is. I feel a concentration of the island’s energy pulsating before me,” says the Wizard.

Captain Crimson is bringing up the rear of the group when a green flash in his peripheral vision captures his attention. Crimson stares into the enveloping darkness. Crimson comes to a stop and the rest of the group, noticing, slows down with him. 

“What do you see?” asks the Marksman.

“I don’t know if I saw anything, but for a second I thought I saw a green light over there,” replies Captain Crimson.

The Gunslinger focuses on the area, his bionic eye whirring as it surveys the area. “I see there is a walkway down there but there ain’t nothing on it,” reports the Gunslinger. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t the only people or things in here,” remarks the Wizard, “but with what intention they may have, that is the mystery.”

The Wolf sniffs the air and a low guttural growl emits from his throat. There’s a scratching sound as his paws dig into the ancient stonework. The Wolf emits a loud bark in the direction of the flash of light, his hair standing on end. 

The Marksman, being very attuned with animals after all his years in the wilderness, recognizes the Wolf’s behavior. “Dr. Wolf, it would be best if we could…” begins the Marksman.

Suddenly the Wolf bolts down the hallway, tearing off into the darkness with a cacophony of howls, growls, and barks.

“Together.” finishes the Marksman


The party continues, lead on by the Wizard in pursuit of the Time Changer, in hopes of finding the Wolf along the way. They follow the passage for what seems to be an eternity. The party is assured of progress only as the long tunnel begins to produce off-shoots leading into dining halls, sleeping quarters, and armories. Finally, they come across the magnificent and extensive throne room. The room was well lit with natural light, the mighty tower seen from the outside serves to redirect the sun’s rays into the underground throne room. Several ornate mirrors serve that purpose. The walls were made of marble and onyx with gold inlaid in intricate elongated honeycomb designs. In the center space of the “comb” is a shining piece of strange crystal. Two silver staircases lead up the wall and circle the ceiling, providing access to the tower.

“Well I’ll be,” marvels Captain as he stares at the treasure piled high up the ornamental walls. Much of the treasure is concentrated in the middle of the throne room, a mound of gold and jewels supporting a platform with a hearth on it.

The Marksman stares at the sight before him, concerned. Something was missing. There were no traps, not a single automaton guarding the throne room? And where is Dr. Wolf? He swears he could up the slightest hint of blueberry and tobacco, but the underground damp was playing all sorts of tricks on his sense of smell. He thought he smelt burnt hair earlier. The Marksman takes a good look around the room. The Gunslinger, however, strides forward towards the throne.

The throne sits overlooking the entire majestic room. The throne itself was made out of multifaceted crystal with ornate gold and silver overlay. The headrest of the throne is made out of countless precious stones with a large piece of the strange crystal as the center stone. Behind the throne are three pillars of marble accented with polished red jasper. The two pillars are positioned flanking the larger pillar sitting in the center. The Gunslinger, however, notices that the pillar seems to not be sat into the wall as the others are.

“Hey come help me with this,” motions the Gunslinger as he goes to push the center pillar. The Gunslinger is overcome as his mission was almost over. Captain Crimson strolls over to give him a hand and the Wizard raises his staff.

The Marksman goes to walk over but something catches his eye. In the corner of the room where they entered, a large shadow sits like a spider, crouched by the doorway.

“Wait!” exclaims the Marksman, but just as the heroes partially open the door a blast of green light blows through the opening knocking them all back. From behind the door strolls the Enchantress with the Time Changer in hand...


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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