The Wizard and the Infernal Chamber

The Wizard and the Infernal Chamber

The Wizard crashes to the ground next to the sleeping Wolf. He stands, using his staff to right himself. He tries to orient himself, but the darkness is so thick that the Wizard cannot see his surroundings. The air is damp, it feels like breathing in water. The solid floor feels slippery underneath his feet. A pungent, dank-earth smell fills the Wizard’s nose. The stone perched atop the Wizard’s staff glows a bright blue and illuminates the room. 

The Wizard sees he’s in a limestone cavern with massive stalagmites and stalactites scattered throughout the cave. In the upper corner of the chamber, there seems to be a natural staircase carved into the side of the cavern walls, leading into a tunnel. The Wizard looks around the floor where he and the Wolf fell. Strange bones, gilded candles, and ornate bowls lay scattered around the cavern floor. Ancient symbols are scrawled in a dark liquid all over the walls. Unlit torches are mounted to the wall… are they… are they made from the legs of goats?

Suddenly, the sound of rushing wind fills the chambers. The torches and candles light with an angry red flame and the whole room is cast in a bright red glow. A dark billowing cloud circles around the Wizard and the incapacitated Wolf. The Wizard can feel the immense power radiating from the insidious clouds.

“I could really use your savagery now, friend,” mutters the Wizard. He casts a bright blue aura around them that holds the black smoke at bay. The smoke begins to settle around the ground, revealing a cloaked figure moving toward the Wizard.

The hooded figure stalks to the edge of the Wizard’s spell. His voice has a deep and eldritch tone with a timber that rattles the cave walls around him. “You had to interfere, just as I thought you would.”

The figure throws back his hood to reveal a devilish figure, with a horned head and infernal, ancient runes covering the sinister being’s face. The fiend’s eyes glow with an intense crimson red. 

“I doubt you know who you’re dealing with,” says the Wizard, an edge in his voice.

“Oh silly Wizard,” laughs the Lich, “I know exactly who I have before me. The real question is, do YOU know who you are dealing with?”

The Lich raises a hand and a stream of crimson flame leaps from his hand and wraps around the Wizard’s aura dome. The magic flames lick around the aura dome, slowly disintegrating the Wizard’s protective spell. The flames subside but the Wizard is still standing. He tightens his grip on his staff, “Well then, let us get started.”

Narrated by Brandon Warner

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