The Zombie Hunter Part 3: Evil Walks

The Zombie Hunter Part 3: Evil Walks

The last time we saw our heroes, the Zombie Hunter gets surprised by a zombie, revealing his presence. The Zombie Hunter holds out for a while but begins to get overwhelmed. In a last-ditch effort to escape the undead horde, the Zombie Hunter retreats to the abandoned mine in hopes of ditching the zombie mob. However, now he finds himself in a cavernous room, but he’s not alone. Something evil walks this way…


Gravely breathing echoes off the cavern walls. The Zombie Hunter grips his shotgun tightly. The raspy breathing is accompanied by a deep rumbling, like an insidious purring roaring in the cavern. The darkness is overwhelming, the terror of being holed up in the cavern with the unseen entity causes the Zombie Hunter’s chest to tighten. The air feels thick, the Zombie Hunter struggles to breathe. The Zombie Hunter sniffs, is that lavender and sage?

Suddenly a silver streak leaps through the air, striking the floor of the cavern, a plume of fire erupts, illuminating the cavern. The Zombie Hunter searches for the source of the projectile, but a movement catches his eye. A blue-skinned beast stares from a ledge across the cavern, it’s eyes reaching right into the Zombie Hunter’s soul. The monster’s stringy black hair flows down the monster’s face like oil dripping off its face. The being looks at him and then disappears behind a rocky crag. 

“What is that thing,” murmurs the Zombie Hunter to himself. 

“The Boogeyman. I don’t know how, but he just keeps coming back.”

The Zombie Hunter, startled, whips around to find the Marksman standing behind him, crossbow in hand.

“Who are YOU?” asks the Zombie Hunter.

“No time to explain, but in short I’m the Marksman, and I’m hunting the Boogeyman,” says the Marksman as he crouches on the cavern ledge, staring at the rocky crag where the Boogeyman was.

The rumbling of the Undead mob approaches. Suddenly, a steady stream of zombies pours through the main entrance to the cavern.

“Well it seems we now have bigger problems,” remarks the Zombie Hunter.

“More plentiful? Yes. Bigger, not really,” replies the Marksman as he fires a pair of crossbow bolts at the ensuing horde. The arrowheads impact a pair of zombies in the lead but, like before, the bolts ignite, engulfing dozens of undead in flames.

“Keep an eye out,” instructs the Marksman, “The Boogeyman will strike when you least expect it. Stay close and we might make it out of here.”

The Zombie Hunter nods, racking the lever on his shotgun. The duo begins to engage the horde, firing as quickly as their weapons would allow. The stream never abated or showed signs of slowing.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” thinks the Zombie Hunter to himself. 

The horde closes in on the duo, though neither will be giving up without a fight. The Zombie Hunter bashes a zombie’s skull in with his shotgun axe blade attachment, while the Marksman slices and dices several undead like a hibachi chef. The heroes teeter on the edge of being overwhelmed when out of the corner of his vision, the Zombie Hunter sees the Boogeyman sneaking up behind the Marksman, who is embroiled in an intense melee. 

Unsure if he could have any effect on the entity but knowing that he must do something, the Zombie Hunter takes aim…


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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