Visiting and Old Adversary

Visiting and Old Adversary

The fluorescent, multicolored clouds of the cosmos swirl as far as the eye can see in all directions. To the space traveler, believing he is treading upon virgin space, may stop for a few minutes, maybe an hour and marvel at the beauty of this space if he ever found it. However, for the Enchantress, she has stared at these same dust clouds for days. Months? Has it been a year? It doesn’t matter, she will be here for the rest of her life, imprisoned in this prizm dimension.

“You got a minute?”

The Enchantress continues to stare into space, half-wondering if the voice she heard was a figment of her imagination in the middle of this vast emptiness.

“When you’re imprisoned out here, you have all the time in the world,” spits the Enchantress as she turns to face the Wizard.

“When you try to enslave the entire realm, you deserve it,” says the Wizard calmly.

“Oh it wasn’t that bad,” says the Enchantress playfully, but sees the Wizard isn’t biting, “Oh well, a girl has to go after what she wants.”

“Yes, she usually does,” replies the Wizard, “and it seems one may not give up so easy.”

The Enchantress’ eye-brow goes up, obviously intrigued, “Do tell, Wizard.” 


A full moon bathes the town of Franklin with a pale white light. The light glares of a small makeshift memorial on the edge of the town. Two pieces of twisted metal from a fallen machine create the image of a cross, planted at the head of a small mound. 

In the Wizard’s workshop, the shadows flicker across the walls from the light of the fireplace flames. The heroes are gathered, silently mourning the loss of their friend and waiting for an explanation for the agent of destruction that devastated the comrades.

“What was that,” says the Hero quietly, in disbelief.

The Marksman grasps his side, feeling echoes of the broken ribs he sustained in the battle with the Paladin, “It was like he was more than human, but not quite a god. A demigod of somesort.”

“How would you know? You ever tangled with a god?” retorts the Gunslinger.

The Marksman, mildly annoyed, goes to reply but a bright multicolored portal illuminates the room and interrupts him. The Wizard enters the room and all eyes are upon him.

“Where did you go,” asks Captain Crimson.

“I went to speak to an old adversary,” answers the Wizard, “I needed to speak to the Enchantress.”

“And how do we know she’s not the current adversary, that this isn’t one of her tricks,” asks the Hero hotly.

“Because she’s contained in a dimension so far removed, it would be impossible for her to influence anything in this universe,” says the Wizard, “What we have instead is the Enchantress from another reality, one where she defeated us and used the Time Changer to elevate herself and her powers to that of a god. Now she endows this Paladin with great physical and magical power and sends him through the universes as a harbinger of her malevolent reign.”

“So like last time, but worse,” surmises the Gunslinger.

“How do we defeat her,” asks Dr. Wolf.

“You all will have to face off with the Paladin once more,” says the Wizard, “You will be unable to defeat him with the Enchantress empowering him. So once you engage him, I will have to take the fight to her realm.”

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