When the Lights Go Out

When the Lights Go Out

Dr. Wolf continues to run away from the disturbing howls behind him. He stumbles, but continues on, but before long he looks up to find himself walking back into the big top, right where he first started.

“Hehehehe HA HA HA, come one come… well you, Dr. Wolf!” comes a disembodied cry. 

A spotlight dances around the big top like the beginning of an elaborate circus. The spotlight finally lands on the insidious grin of the Carney. The dashing devil stands between Dr. Wolf and the exit flap of the tent.

Dr. Wolf stops in his tracks, clutching at his cane.

“Last chance,” chimes the wolfish reflection in the handle of the cane.

“I’ve made it this far,” growls Dr.Wolf.

“Well suit yourself,” huffs the Wolf, before he disappears.

Dr. Wolf’s heart skips a beat as he realizes he is all alone before the Carney. 

The Carney whips his wrist and a bright light leaps forward, wrapping around Dr.Wolf’s cane hand’s wrist. Despite the warm golden glow emitted from the Carney’s whip, the tendril burns relentlessly. The bright light blinds Dr. Wolf, who’s eyes squint tightly as he pulls at the whip, trying to get away. The Carney flicks his wrist again, effortlessly throwing Dr. Wolf across the tent. 

Dr. Wolf slowly picks himself up and dusts himself off, rubbing his sore wrist. The Carney flicks his wrist again and this time the tendril wraps itself around Dr. Wolf’s ankle, ripping him from his feet and sending him flying through the air. When he impacts the ground, the air rushes from his lungs. The next breath Dr. Wolf takes comes out as a painful groan.

“Okay,” says Dr. Wolf, glancing at his cane, “Maybe I could use a little help.”

There is no reply from the Wolf. 

“Maybe I can be of assistance?”

Dr. Wolf turns to see the Hero, swords drawn, running into battle. The Carney’s eyes widen only briefly before he flicks the magical whip at the Hero. The Hero takes the whip to the shoulder, which leaves a slash in his tunic. The Hero winces in pain but rears back and throws his sword.

The Carney phases out of reality once again, but the sword hits the Carney’s top hat and pins it against the big top’s center pole. Something strikes Dr. Wolf, that hadn’t before. This mischievous and powerful Carney, behaved an awful lot like another mischievous entity from myth and legend. Could it be the Carney was a wayward djinn?

“The hat!” gasps Dr. Wolf.

The Carney reappears, panic in his eyes. Dr. Wolf and the Hero eye each other and then make a mad dash for the hat. The Carney floats rapidly through the air like smoke in a high wind, towards the hat. Dr. Wolf, however, gets there first. He pulls the sword from the pole and raises the hat. The Carney swirls like a funnel cloud, getting sucked into the hat until there is nothing but silence and the lights of the CarnEvil go dark.

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