Wintery Warfare

Wintery Warfare

Santo-lantern trudges up the hill, retrieving another pumpkin bomb from his sack. As he pulls the bomb from his sack, the Elfinator rises from the snow. Singed synthetic skin hangs loosely on his metallic exoskeleton, the Elfinator’s eyes are locked dead on Santo-lantern. Santo-latern tosses the pumpkin bomb at the Elfinator, but the bomb sails over the Elfinator and explodes close behind him. Elfinator doesn’t flinch. Santo-lantern tosses another pumpkin bomb, which lands close, but to the Elfinator’s left, and explodes. The blast shockwave rips at the loose skin hanging on the metallic skeleton of the Elfinator… but the Elfinator marches on. The Elfinator draws near, but Santo-lantern has time for one more toss and it makes this one count. The pumpkin bomb lands right at the feet of the Elfinator and explodes. Elfinator… doesn’t… flinch.

The Elfinator steps up face to face with Santo-lantern, cocks his arm back, and smashes through the Santo-lantern’s face like a boot through a rotten, November 7th pumpkin. Santo-lantern’s body goes limp, and Elfinator withdraws his fist, clutching a burning candle. The Elfinator brings the candle up to his face and emits a blast of air from the computational cooling system, extinguishing the flame.

Suddenly, something impacts the ground behind the Elfinator and a blast of winter air swirls. An icicle sprouts through the chest of the Elfinator, severing the control system. Elfinator collapses in a heap next to Santo-lantern, its eyes still glowing, but paralyzed with the severed control system. Frostbite turns to meet the Guardian who lands behind him. The Guardian blows snow in the face of Frostbite, but due to Frostbite’s nature, this is ineffective. Frostbite lunges forward striking with his icicle sword. The Guardian parries, and bludgeons Frostbite in the face with his shield. Frostbite, stunned by the blow and fighting to hang onto consciousness, uses his momentum to lunge into a grapple, kicking off the ground again. The duo fly through the air, crashing through the Sleigh, orbiting the battlefield.

“We’re hit, we’re hit,” screams Sugarfoot as the Sleigh whips uncontrollably. Candymittens looks around the Sleigh and sees an eight-foot gash down the side of the craft. The crewmembers all appear to be shaken, but uninjured.

Candymittens makes the quick decision, “We’re going to have to bail out! Climb Rudolph, climb!”

Indecipherable static buzzes in the Sleigh’s cabin, but the Sleigh begins to climb. As the altimeter passes 20,000 feet, Candymittens looks around the cabin to ensure the crew has made the necessary preparation, flips a protective cover and slams his hand down on a red button. The reigns connected to the reindeer team all snap off simultaneously and the Sleigh begins to freefall. 

“Okay boys, go go go go go!” yells Candymittens, leading the elf team to leap out of the falling Sleigh. The elves assume a spread-eagle position, their wing suits catching wind and slowing their descent.

“Follow me elves, never out of the fight!” says Candymittens into his microphone, leading the elves back into battle.

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