Another Quick Lesson from the Teacher: Beard Wash and Co-Wash

Another Quick Lesson from the Teacher: Beard Wash and Co-Wash

The sun shines over Franklin on another crisp morn. An anxious Scribe hurries to the classroom, eager to catch a few words of wisdom from the Teacher before classes start for the day. He runs into the room, slams down his books on his desk, and plops down into his seat, awaiting the arrival of the Teacher.

What seems like an eternity later, the Teacher walks through the door.

“Good morning, young Scribe,” says the Teacher, “What brings you in so early today?”

“I have a question sir,” answers the Scribe, “I’ve been following the regiment that you suggested during my last beard lesson, but I have a question about washing my beard.”

“Ah yes, washing the beard, very important, very important,” muses the Teacher, “Neglecting your beard hygiene can lead to all sorts of issues: itch, stench, weak/broken hair.”

“Yes sir, but I’m unsure of how to wash my beard. The Wizard in town, he has wash and co-wash. Is wash just wash and co-wash is wash and something else? Should I be doing this every day? Should I wash one day and then co-wash another…”

“Whoa, Scribe, easy easy…” coos the Teacher, trying to settle the Scribe, “Let me answer your questions.”

“First,” begins the Teacher, “Let me help you differentiate between these two products. Wash is a beard wash. It’s like shampoo for your beard. It lathers and helps remove dirt, grit, debris, and excess oils that accumulate throughout the week. While the Wizard’s wash is a quality wash that minimizes stripping of oils/nutrients in your skin/beard hair, it does indeed take some nutrients and oils out of your face. This is where co-wash comes in. Co-wash is a conditioner that moisturizes your face and conditions beard hairs. The co-wash has a little bit of wash in it for a satisfying lather.”

“Amazing,” mutter the Scribe as he furiously scribbles notes, “But how often do I need to wash and condition?”

“Well, this is more difficult to answer. Each individual is different and finding the perfect schedule is a result of trial and error. However, I would say that you should wash more than you co-wash and always be sure to apply a lightly scented beard oil after your shower to rejuvenate the skin underneath your beard,” answers the Teacher.

“I think this is a good start. Thank you so much for the advice, Teacher,” says the Scribe gratefully.

“You’re welcome Scribe,” answers the Teacher, “I would have it that all may be gloriously bearded.”


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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