Beard Style with the Barber

Beard Style with the Barber

A handsome, dapper young man swaggers into the barbershop off the street. Or at least that’s what the Barber sees. The average barbershop patron probably only saw a shaggy hoodlum with a bushy wad of hair clinging to his jaw quietly slinking into the barbershop. The young man slips into a chair in the corner. After the Barber finishes with the man in his chair he makes his way over to the young lad sitting quietly in the chair.

“Hello sir, what can I do for you today,” asks the Barber cheerfully.

“Uhhh I’ll just have a haircut,” says the young man meekly as he holds up a couple wrinkled bills. 

“Ahhh yes… I can do that for you,” says the Barber, shocked that the young man was not considering the mass of hair flowing from his chin, “What’s your style?”

“Ehhhh just a trim I think,” answers the young man weakly. 

The Barber narrows his eyes, comprehending that this lad had probably never been to a barbershop before. He gets to work styling the young man’s hair, trimming and snipping away.

When the Barber finishes he spins the young man around in his chair to face the mirror. The young man cannot believe what he is seeing.

“I… wow, I’ve never had a haircut like this!” says the young man, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

The Barber stops him from jumping out of the barber’s chair in excitement, “You’re welcome, but you’re not done yet. Once I shape up your beard, you’ll look like a regular Dapper Dan.”

“Shape up my beard? How will I know what style to choose?” asks the young man.

“That can be difficult, but the first step is to determine your face shape,” says the Barber, spinning the young man around in the barber chair, “A square-shaped face lends itself to goatees and mustache/beard combos, anything where you show off the chiseled jawline. A round face would benefit from facial hair with angles that help slim the face. Hair on the chin helps as well. A short boxed beard or the classic Van Dyck and Balbo beards would be a good choice. An oval-shaped face can genuinely pull off any beard style. You could try any style and see what works for you. A rectangular face should look for something that will show off a strong facial structure. This means the beard should be shorter near the chin and longer on the sides. Mutton chops, flared sideburns/mustache combo, or the chinstrap would all be logical choices for someone with a rectangular face.”

The barber stares hard at the young man and says, “I think you have more of a round face. We’ll start off with a short-boxed beard. And I’ll give you some of the Wizard’s beard oil and butter to get that beard started.” 

“Thank you for your kindness,” says the young man gratefully, “This is only the first step in my bearded journey.”


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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