Dr. Wolf and the Man Who Needed Beard Oil

Dr. Wolf and the Man Who Needed Beard Oil

Dr. Wolf sits in his office, kicked back in a tub chair, his leg crossed over the other. Smoke flows from the tobacco pipe hanging loosely from his lips, floating into the air like a river of thought trailing off into the ether. A strong wild blueberry tea sets steaming on a small table next to his chair, creating a sweet smoky aroma that hangs around the room. It adds to the coziness of the room with the comfortable lounging furniture and the warm wooden bookshelves chock full of volumes. It was not just Dr. Wolf’s office or a study, but a sanctuary. And in that sanctuary, a patient lays on the sofa adjacent to him, staring up at the ceiling, venting about his latest frustrations.

“I just do not know how much more I can take,” laments the man. “I keep trying to let it grow, but my face itches constantly and the hair is just so wiry. If this does not resolve itself soon, then I will have no other choice than to cut it off. I dread it so, lest my baby face reveals itself beneath this rugged and handsome cape of facial hair, yet I see no other alternative,” moans the man.

“I see,” mutters Dr. Wolf peering over his spectacles. “This itching and discomfort is something that you’re attributing to your beard?”

“Obviously,” replies the patient, “it makes sense that the wiry hair would cause my face to itch.”

“Well,” begins Dr. Wolf, “while the wiry hair could be a part of your issues, I would say that dry skin also has its role to play in your torment.”

“I guess that could be part of the issue,” answers the patient, pondering Dr. Wolf’s comment.

Dr. Wolf walks over to a cabinet and opens the door. He produces a vial from the cabinet and then returns, handing it to the patient. The patient opens the vial and takes a whiff. All the calming scents that make Dr. Wolf’s office so comforting and warm waft into the patient’s nose.

“This smells amazing,” exclaims the patient, “what is it?”

“That sir is beard oil. The ingredients are made to moisturize the skin underneath your beard hair. This should hydrate your skin and hair follicles and should help cut down on your itchiness. Another way this can help is there are ingredients in here that will help moisturize your hair. Ergo, this will soften the hair and help the wiriness that you have been dealing with. All you have to do is take the dropper, put 3-5 drops in your hand and then gently message it into your beard. Then, comb it through for good measure. You should do this two to three times a day” answers Dr. Wolf.

“Excellent” begins the patient, “Hey will this…”

“No,” interjects Dr. Wolf,  “It does not help grow new hair, but it will help encourage growth from hair that has already begun.”

“This is still amazing,” says the patient, “Thank you, thank you so much Doctor!” 


Narrated by Brandon Warner

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