The Barkeep - A Unscented Blend Beard Oil

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Concocting drinks at the bar for all the men requires great skill and charisma. The Barkeep can help you with that. It is Fable Beard Co's unscented beard oil. A super hydration blend of oils that will leave your beard smooth and soft without any of the overwhelming scents for people who have skin allergies or are sensitive to smells.

Those who serve and have to keep interesting conversations can do well with this beard oil. The Barkeep comes complete with 5 different carrier oils—coconut, castor, jojoba, argan, and sweet almond—you’ll grow a beard worthy of Fables.

Just a 1oz bottle for beard greatness. Before you get into blending the most refreshing of drinks, apply some beard oil and let it condition. Great for everyday use for any occasion. You can apply this oil up to three times a day and each time you will enjoy 4-6 hours of unscented glory. Be the man that everybody else in the bar wants to be like.

"Travelers come and go but, they all leave me with some amazing stories!" - The Barkeep

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Gordon Narwani (Chicago, US)
    Perfect w/o being overpowering

    Fable = quality. I cannot put it more simply than that.

    Travis Wright
    Unsented pleasure

    The unscented version leaves me room to wear the cologne that my lady has given to me while keeping my beard soft and moisturized

    Howard jefferson (Arlington, US)
    Barkeep ftw!

    Exactly What I was looking for. Unscented quality moisturizer. Purchased a few other bottles. 1 came in leaking but not very much was lost. Packaging was great other than that.

    Douglas Haywood (Dallas, US)

    I like to use it before going to bed.

    Chuck L (Auburn, US)
    Sometimes Less Is More

    There are times when you don't want a scented beard product. This could be when you don't want another scent competing with your cologne, or you want the control and care provided by the product and just don't want the scent. The unscented Barkeep is the answer for times like those. There are even times when I want a subtle scent, so I will use the Barkeep oil and then use a scented balm.

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