Fable Beard Co's Captain Red | Arrival To Port - Episode 1

Fable Beard Co's Captain Red - Arrival To Port - Episode 1

Swish…..Crash…..Swish….Crash….. I crack my left eye just barely and catch a glimpse of the flame flickering from my lantern. It’s been 20 years on the sea and the waves still wake me from time to time. Today marks the 5th week we have been at sea transporting these goods to the Boron Provence. Fable Beard Company, what a clever name. I could kick myself for not thinking of beard oil myself. To think of the riches that would follow. SQUAWK!!!!!!! Quiet bird! Tis too early for my head to deal with you're bellowing. As I open the door to top deck my nose is filled with the sea air. It is a smell that will be with me forever. My crew is a rowdy bunch but, they carry on with the daily tasks without me having to do much yelling. It only took them 10 years. I can see the mountain pass on the horizon. I was told by the dwarf at last port that the Boron Provence has been writing letter after letter trying to get their supply of beard oil from Fable. I believe the shipment is due to a Barkeep in Boron. It is high time I get a drink from something other than this rum bottle.

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Is this the very first Fable Story? Grand!


Good Lil short story.


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