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Fable Beard Co's Captain Red - A Gypsy And A Vision - Episode 2

As I pull in to port, I am reminded of why The Boron Provence is the place to be. The wonders and fascinations of this land are fit to make any man bust. As my ship docks I am greeted by a group of fairies sitting on top of a barrel at the end of the dock, they seems to be gambling. These aren't your traditional fairies, covered in tattoos and piercings, they seem like a bunch you wouldn't want to cross. Though I have no idea how they found a needle that small. Never-mind, I ask them to point me in the direction of The Barkeep. One of the fairies puffs on the tiniest cigar I have ever seen and says, “He’s over that way, pointing north towards a hut, at the inn.” I instruct my crew on where to bring the shipment of Fable Beard Co goods, as well to watch their back’s. I don’t need to be on the bad side of that wizard. I watched him turn that last man to dust before my very eyes.

I make my way through the town square, ahead of my men. The people, creatures, and spirits here seem to all be about their own business. Completely jaded to a new 270 pound man with a parrot walking through town. Just as I was beginning to feel comfortable I felt a hand grab my ankle. I look down to see one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen looking back up at me. Emerald green eyes, lush full lips, and jet black hair. Adorned with little clothing and ornate jewelry, nothing as spectacular as the large diamond necklace nestled between two perfect… Just then, before my very eyes, she instantly changes to this hideous old hag! “Like what you see Captain?” Said The Gypsy. I am dumbfounded but, I don’t let it out. “Ah, nothing I haven't seen before witch.” I am no witch, though I did see a vision of a large man this early morn and wouldn’t you know. Here you are. “Do you have business for me?” Said Captain Red. “I do, but the road will be dangerous. Head to The Dead Isles in the west. There is great treasure waiting for you.” I perk up and say, “Thank you, gypsy. I shall bring you back your share once I find the treasure.”

I approach The Barkeeps hut and I am baffled at the puniness of such an establishment. Upon opening the door I have no choice but to descend a set of stairs. At the foot of the stair opens a massive cave full of travelers and plenty of mead. I should know by now not to underestimate this magical land. At the back of the cave behind the large bar top is a beastly dark man with a charismatic smile. I approach and bellow, “It’s is I Captain Red! You must be The Barkeep.” Sit my friend. “Your hear to bring me the beard oil and beard balm from Fable Beard Co.” says The Barkeep. Yes, my friend. My men will be up here with your wares shortly. While we wait, pour me a glass of mead and tell me of this gypsy in town and if her words are true….

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