Exploring the Aavus Fortress

Exploring the Aavus Fortress

The Rocket and Hero step off into the derelict landing bay, as the Phoenix Dawn drifts back into space and away from Aavus’ Fortress. Inside the landing bay, the Rocket and Hero make their way across the landing deck and deeper into the fortress. 

“The automatic doors and gravity generators are still functioning, probably powered by some fusion power source deep within the fortress,” says a voice inside the Hero’s helmet.

“ART?” asks the Hero, startled by the sudden presence of another voice in his helmet. 

“I am here to help you get used to your space scout armor,” says ART, “There are various functions and features that would not be obvious to the first-time user.”

“I‘m sure I can handle this,” says the Hero confidently, but his voice trails off as the heads-up display (HUD) flashes and an avalanche of information floods across his screen. “But I could always use the company,” says the Hero with a false bravado.

Despite the functioning gravity generators and doors, it was obvious that these halls had not been traveled in some time. The hallways are dark, the only light coming from dim emergency lights. 

“Let’s have a little light shall we,” says the Rocket. In response, a beam of green-tinted light glows forth from his helmet. “I’ll have the same,” says the Hero and a smaller beam springs forward bathing the hallway in the same green-tinted glow.

The duo pass several rooms with bygone technology scattered all around. The Hero could swear he sees something just at the edge of his vision. He ignites his saber, but when he directs his light beam at it, there’s nothing there. 

“Rocket, there’s something here making me uneasy,” says the Hero, turning the saber back off.

“I was thinking the same thing,” replies the Rocket, “ART are you picking up anything?”

“The scans from your suits aren’t showing any life forms,” says ART, “And the sensors from the Phoenix Dawn aren’t picking up anything, but I can’t even pick you up. The walls are impenetrable for our scanners.”

The Rocket and the Hero continue through the labyrinth of abandoned hallways and various rooms. They pass a cafeteria, an armory, several holding cells, and an infirmary. Everything is empty. The pair continue for what seem like an eternity wandering the halls of this vacant fortress.

“I think we need to head back to the Dawn,” says the Rocket.

“Wait,” says the Hero pointing towards the far end of the hallway. An emerald green light burns brightly illuminating a large doorway.

“A large doorway, glowing bright green?” says the Hero, “This looks like a winner to me.”

“Or trouble,” says the Rocket.

“Only one way to find out,” says the Rocket strutting forward toward the end of the hall.

The Rocket shrugs, following the Hero into the green light.

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